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Apple Final Cut Pro: How and When to Use Auxillary Timecode

Chapter: Editing

Topic: Multicam

I mentioned the different process “in Avid” a few sentences ago as this scenario highlights one of the big differences in Avid Media Composer and Final Cut Pro when it comes to grouping clips for multicam editing. In FCP, when you create multiple subclips from a single master clip changing the auxiliary timecode on a subclip will ripple that aux timecode change through all the subclips created from the same master clip. This can be a big problem if your roving camera with 55 different clips was from a tape based camera with record run timecode. In that case you would have to capture each individual piece as a seperate master clip and that can be a pain depending on your tape deck. The same is true for a music video in Final Cut Pro where you have to capture each take individually.



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