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Automatic Duck Releases Media Copy 2.0

Automatic Duck wrote us saying: Years ago we had a helpful little utility called Automatic Media Copy, it would dutifully read OMF compositions then copy the Avid media used by the sequence. AMC was helpful but over time its usefulness lessened, it didn’t support AAF, it didn’t support Final Cut Pro sequences, and so on.

Viva Media Copy! Risen from the past is a brand-spaking new application we’re calling Media Copy 2.0, it reads Avid AAF and OMF 2.0 exports as well as Final Cut Pro XML exports, figures out which media files are used then copies those files to a device you specify, like a FireWire drive.

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Zoom to Introduce H4n Handy Recorder at NAB

Samson Technologies will introduce the next level of professional recording performance, the H4n Handy Recorder offers superior, built-in X/Y stereo condenser mics that allow variable recording patterns at either 90° or 120°. Plus, its ability to use internal and external mics simultaneously for 4-channel recording makes the H4n the most versatile handheld digital recorder available.

A large 1.9-inch LCD screen, intuitive interface and onboard reference speaker also help take the recording experience to the next level. And of course, with the H4n you can choose up to 24-bit/96kHz linear PCM WAV recording for audio resolution.

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Digital Film Tools releases zMatte v3

Digital Film Tools is pleased to announce zMatte v3.0 which adds
four new plug-ins: Color Suppress, Frame Averager, Matte Wrap and
Screen Smoother. In addition, there are many enhancements to the
Keyer as well as the other plug-ins. zMatte also now supports
Apple’s fxPlug plug-in format and the Photoshop version sports an
upgraded user interface with new garbage matting features.

zMatte is a full-featured keyer that is the result of our
experience in creating countless successful blue and green screen
composites. Using proprietary matte extraction techniques, zMatte
quickly and simply creates mattes with minimal parameters even if
you are dealing with fine hair detail, smoke, or reflections. It
is easy to use, yet provides the needed tools when faced with
good, bad, or ugly shots — tools such as multiple matte
creation, automatic spill suppression, sophisticated matte and
edge manipulation, and color correction.

zMatte includes a complete set of keying plug-ins comprised of:
Color Suppress for removing blue or green spill light; DeArtifact
to clean up compression artifacts in DV and HD footage; Edge
Composite to color correct, blur or mix only the edge of the key;
Frame Averager for smoothing out film grain and video noise;
Holdout Composite to matte the usually problematic smoke, fire
and explosions; the zMatte Keyer to handle the heavy keying
tasks; Light Wrap to bring background color into the foreground
element; a Matte Generator used to key images not meant to be
keyed; Matte Repair to fix common matte problems; Matte Wrap for
retaining the definition of the matte edges while creating a
smooth blend of transparency starting at the edge of the matte
changing to fully opaque moving inward; and Screen Smoother to
smooth out unevenly lit blue and green screens.

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DAZ 3D Sweetens its 3D Model Library with Release of the Girl 4

Get ready to meet the Girl of your dreams! Adding yet another exciting addition to its immense 3D content library, DAZ 3D today unveils the newest version of its highly popular 3D figure, the Girl 4, complete with customizable body shaping, increased texture map resolution and greatly improved joint rigging. Created from DAZ 3D’s celebrated fourth-generation Unimesh™, the Girl 4 is fully compatible with all Victoria 4, Victoria 4 Elite and Aiko 4 head and body shapes, textures and poses, opening more options and new creative possibilities than ever before.

Originally created by renowned 3D graphics and games artist Kim Goossens, the Girl is considered one of the most famous, and most eye-catching, 3D models in CG history. Coyly compared to a cartoonish version of a sultry 1940’s pin-up model, the Girl is used by thousands of hobbyist and professional artists as a muse for magazine and album covers, fan art and the like.

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C4D QuickTip #04: Three for Four. Four Quick Material Tips in C4D

Using the Distort Tool in Final Cut Pro

C4D QuickTip #03: AutoKeyFrame can be your friend: don't abuse the F9 Key

Maxon Cinema 4D: C4D QuickTip #03: AutoKeyFrame can be your friend: don't abuse the F9 Key

Chapter: 3D Modelling and Animation

Topic: Animation Techniques

Many Adobe After Effects users expect other applications to set keyframes automatically for them each time they make changes to parameters. With 3D applications, that can involve creating multiple keyframes every time you click which could be terrible. But, there are some good ways to use Autokeyframe… some.


Apple Final Cut Pro: Using the Distort Tool in Final Cut Pro

Chapter: Editing

Topic: Basic Skills

The Distort Tool in Final Cut Pro, is a great tool that allows you to expand and change the edges of pictures to make some really neat effects. For example, you can fit your footage into a picture frame that exists on another layer of video.


Maxon Cinema 4D: C4D QuickTip #04: Three for Four. Four Quick Material Tips in C4D

Chapter: 3D Modelling and Animation

Topic: Textures and Image Maps

You know there are many different ways to use your materials, many different ways to create materials – well here are some easy ways to not only get your bitmap textures in, copy them to multiple channels, but also turn texture tags on and off without removing them! You might know a few ways to manage your materials in CINEMA4D, but there are so many different ways to manipulate bitmap textures when you’re inside of C4D, that a simple refresher might help. Also – what about those texture tags that you’ve spent so much time to place – only to decide that you want to “conceal” it for a quick render. Here’s how to pull off three simple tricks: IMPORTING PHOTOSHOP TO CINEMA4D, CREATING AN AUTO-ASSIGNED SET SELECTION WITH A MATERIAL and DISABLING A TEXTURE TAG

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