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Cineform Shows Realtime Color Correction Tool

CineForm has introduced a new, realtime, renderless color correction tool. First Light will become part of the company’s professional Neo and Prospect product families on both Windows and Mac.

The tool uses CineForm’s Active Metadata architecture to add or adjust color information such as white balance, saturation controls, and 3D Look Up Tables, as metadata layers on top of the base image without flattening or rendering the file. Carrying color adjustments as metadata preserves the fidelity of the source images while maintaining compatibility with AVI and QuickTime applications.

First Light is designed to work on Windows and Mac alongside software tools such as Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Vegas, and most other AVI or QuickTime applications. As color adjustments are made to CineForm files through First Light, color changes immediately appear when the CineForm file is played or scrubbed within the editing or compositing application – no rendering, importing, or other processing is required.

Color information is stored in CineForm files as active metadata, which operates as a non-destructive layer above the base image.

The tools will be available shortly as a public beta release within Neo HD/4K on Windows and Mac, and Prospect HD/4K V.4 on Windows. First Light will be included at no additional charge within CineForm products.

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