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eyeon Unveils Generation 1.1 at NAB

eyeon Software Inc. unveiled Generation 1.1 today at NAB. Generation is a new class of software, which fills a gap in post and VFX workflows by offering a platform for artist collaboration and a visual canvas for efficient shot management. The new version of Generation adds new playback and image adjustment features, and extends the collaborative capabilities of the application.

Generation combines shot-tracking with version histories, an editing panel for working with EDLs and playlists, and playback functions for review. Every part of Generation is scriptable so that facilities can integrate their in-house tools rather than having to modify their pipeline to make Generation fit in. Grease pencil annotation and live chat tools simplify communications between artists, supervisors and clients, and preserve a record of all feedback and decisions.

New Features in Generation 1.1 include:

  • Support for 3D LUTs.
  • Gain, Gamma and Lift controls, as well as brightness and contrast adjustment.
  • Red, Green, Blue and Alpha channel views.
  • Flip and Flop image mirroring.
  • Crop masks for playback enabling artists to view content in different aspect ratios as it will display in different output formats.
  • Customizable Context Menu for scripts which helps users organize and access scripts.
  • Improved functionality for EDL imports, including reassigning media and timecode offsets.
  • XML conversion to retain full timeline and version history.
  • JPEG caching to allow more frames to be cached in RAM.
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