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eyeon Unveils Generation 1.1 at NAB

eyeon Software Inc. unveiled Generation 1.1 today at NAB. Generation is a new class of software, which fills a gap in post and VFX workflows by offering a platform for artist collaboration and a visual canvas for efficient shot management. The new version of Generation adds new playback and image adjustment features, and extends the collaborative capabilities of the application.

Generation combines shot-tracking with version histories, an editing panel for working with EDLs and playlists, and playback functions for review. Every part of Generation is scriptable so that facilities can integrate their in-house tools rather than having to modify their pipeline to make Generation fit in. Grease pencil annotation and live chat tools simplify communications between artists, supervisors and clients, and preserve a record of all feedback and decisions.

New Features in Generation 1.1 include:

  • Support for 3D LUTs.
  • Gain, Gamma and Lift controls, as well as brightness and contrast adjustment.
  • Red, Green, Blue and Alpha channel views.
  • Flip and Flop image mirroring.
  • Crop masks for playback enabling artists to view content in different aspect ratios as it will display in different output formats.
  • Customizable Context Menu for scripts which helps users organize and access scripts.
  • Improved functionality for EDL imports, including reassigning media and timecode offsets.
  • XML conversion to retain full timeline and version history.
  • JPEG caching to allow more frames to be cached in RAM.
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    Blackmagic Design Introduces UltraScope

    Grant Petty, president of Blackmagic Design, sent us the following:

    For years I have wanted good waveform monitoring for color correction and editing workstations, however most of the products available were either way too expensive or not technically accurate and often quite an ugly design! We really wanted to change that because we want to add waveform monitoring into studios where clients attend and we think waveform monitoring should look nice and be technically accurate.

    Blackmagic UltraScope is designed for color correction, editing and quality control use, and it looks great in your studio because it features elegant design, combined with technical accuracy. It includes 6 waveform views so it’s just like having 6 scopes all in one.

    Blackmagic UltraScope is a PC based SDI scope that features a plug in PCI card and software. It plugs into any low cost PCI Express based PC, and uses a 24 inch monitor to draw the 6 scope views. These views are RGB/YUV parade, waveform, vector, histogram, audio meters, audio stereo scope, and picture view with VITC timecode reader.

    There are enough scopes included to make color correction, video shoots and quality control checking easy and, because it’s SDI based, it’s digitally accurate. Blackmagic UltraScope is designed to be technically accurate, so engineers will love to use it too!

    UltraScope will be available in June for $695.

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    EZQuest Inc. Introduces Its 6TB eSATA Built-In Hardware RAID For Video Professionals

    EZQuest Inc. announced its Thunder RAID 6TB eSATA RAID for digital content creation applications. When pared with the EZQuest 4 Port eSATA II PCI Express Card the Thunder RAID can achieve transfer speeds of over 230MB/s.

    The Thunder RAID sports a 4 bay, hot-swappable / hot-pluggable desktop form factor, with up to 6TB of storage and can be configured to RAID levels 0,1,3,5,10, JBOD or as a single drive with its built-in RAID controller that allows full online RAID migration. With robust capacity and fast performance the Thunder RAID offers sufficient speed to edit hours of 10-bit uncompressed HD video or play back up to six 8-bit video streams, all in a compact form factor.

    The Thunder RAID ships in May 2009 with capacities of up to 6TB and comes with an optional EZQuest 4 port eSATA II PCI Express card. The unit also comes with a built-in USB 2.0 connection. The Thunder RAID MSRP starts at $1,579.00.

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    Litepanels Introduces New MicroPro

    Litepanels, A Vitec Group company, pioneer of revolutionary LED lighting, announces the MicroPro™ on-camera light fixture, that doubles the light output of the company’s groundbreaking Litepanels Micro™. In addition to increased output, the MicroPro provides a broader source, which gives a more wrapping, HD friendlier quality of light.

    The compact black Litepanels MicroPro is ideally suited for mounting on an ENG, DV or DSLR camera. It offers luminous, soft, directional lighting with the same outstanding characteristics that make Litepanels an integral part of television, broadcast news and motion picture productions worldwide.

    The MicroPro produces 1.5 hours of continuous output from 6 standard or rechargeable AA batteries (depending on make) or over 5 hours using Lithium Ion AA cells. Power can be supplied optionally through a convenient 5-12V input jack located on the back of the unit.

    The compact new head measures 5.5” W x 3.75” H x 1. 5” D (139.7mm x 95.25mm x 38.1mm) and weighs just 10.5 ounces (300g).

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    Three Tech Support Articles on Final Cut Pro

    Three new Apple KnowledgeBase Articles covering Final Cut Pro:

    Issue #1: Log and capture with DV50 sometimes does not work in French or Japanese


    When using Final Cut Pro in French or Japanese, it is sometimes not possible to log and capture from a DV50 deck. There is no video preview, although device control appears to work. If you try to capture, the process immediately closes.


    This happens if Mac OS X was not installed in the respective language in which you’re using Final Cut Pro. If you plan to use Final Cut Pro in Japanese, then Mac OS X should be installed in Japanese. Likewise, if you plan to use Final Cut Pro in French, Mac OS X should be installed in French. For example, If Mac OS X is installed in English, and you switch to French or Japanese from the International preference pane, log and capture from a DV50 deck will not work.

    Issue #2: Quality issue with movies you export from the Viewer with filters applied


    A clip you export as a movie from the Viewer may not look as good as the same clip when exported from the Canvas.


    This may happen when you apply video filters to the clip and export it from the Viewer. In general, it’s best to export clips with video filters from the Canvas rather than the Viewer.

    Reference link.

    Issue 3: Green frames or other anomalies on render with REDCODE


    Sometimes sequences containing REDCODE clips show green frames, gray frames, or other anomalies when rendered.


    This happens if the sequence compressor is set to REDCODE. The RED Quicktime codec is only for decoding, not encoding. To change the compressor:

  • Control-click the sequence and choose Settings.
  • Click the General tab in the Sequence Settings window.
  • In the Quicktime Video Settings area, click the Compressor drop-down menu, and choose Apple ProRes (HQ).
  • To get the latest version of the RED QuickTime codec, go to the RED Support page.

    Reference link.

    Noise Industries Development Partners DVshade, Idustrial Revolution, and Yanobox Roll Out New Releases For After Effects And Final Cut

    Noise Industries, developer of visual effects tools for the postproduction and broadcast markets, announced that development partners DVShade, Idustrial Revolution and Yanobox have updated several FxFactory powered plug-ins for Adobe® After Effects CS3 / CS4, Apple® Final Cut Studio® and Apple Final Cut® Express applications. New FxPacks include: Idustrial Revolution’s Volumetrix version 2.0,
    the Yanobox title animation plug-in Motype version 1.2, and DVShade’s EasyLooks version 2.5.

    FxPack Update – New in DVShade EasyLooks 2.5
    DVShade EasyLooks 2.5 delivers a brand new rendering pipeline for fast,
    high-quality renders. A brand new 3-way color corrector, new gradient
    overlay controls and a vignette effect add tremendous compositing
    capabilities for minimal dollars. EasyLooks 2.5 is a free upgrade
    for all existing EasyLooks 2.x customers. Users can download the new
    update from:

    FxPack Update – What’s New in Idustrial Revolution Volumetrix 2.0
    Idustrial Revolution’s Volumetrix 2.0 adds brand new rays, glows,
    distortions, and glints to the most popular volumetric light-spill
    plug-ins for Final Cut Studio. The new update is free for existing
    Volumetrix customers. Users can download the update from:

    FxPack Update – What’s New in Yanobox Motype 1.2
    The highly popular title animation plug-in Motype improves upon existing
    features as well as brings into the mix new titling capabilities including;
    drop shadow on characters and 10 professional new titling presets for
    creating quick, high-quality title animationns. Motype 1.2 is a free
    upgrade for all existing Motype customers. Users can download the update from

    Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 Essential Training: Organizing your assets

    Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 Essential Training: Markers – Marking important frames in your project

    Adobe Premiere Pro: Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 Essential Training: Markers – Marking important frames in your project

    Chapter: Editing

    Topic: Markers

    In this clip, host Antony Bolante discusses marking important frames in your project, particularly the range of frames you want to include in the sequence. He shows how to do this using markers. The focus is on clip markers.


    Adobe Premiere Pro: Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 Essential Training: Organizing your assets

    Chapter: Editing

    Topic: Clip and Media Management

    How to avoid wasting time hunting for the media you need. Now that you’ve imported the footage that you want to work on in your project, now is the time to organize it. In this clip, host Antony Bolante discusses how to organize your media so that you can work more efficiently and avoid wasting time hunting for the items that you want. He also shows how to adjust the project panel to your style, and how to view your items in the panel.