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Zaxwerks Announces Serpentine

Zaxwerks announces its latest plug-in for Adobe’s After Effects is the evolution of some of the best parts from its predecessors. Although the company’s other plug-ins offer interesting options for 3D designers, Serpentine gives After Effects artists need ability to create those 3D animationss that are most frequently requested in motion graphics.

Still in version 1 at the time of this article, the plug-in already offers ready solution for any 2D animator who wants to broaden their horizons and “depth” of their designs by adding some real volume into the air 2.5D scene. Of course, some will say that 3D applications — standalone, separate applications — will create real 3D geometry, editable surfaces, and advanced controls, but that requires the user to learn a new set of tools being a different application.

The beauty of Serpentine is that the new 3D user who is already familiar with After Effects will quickly be able to create 3D imagery and animation by using effect controls that they have already mastered.

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