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KB Covers Announces Keyboards for Media Applications

Supplementing its keyboard cover, KB Covers has added a line of keyboards, based on Apple’s keyboard, but with customized keys, for a variety of media applications.

KB Covers is dedicated to providing the finest quality keyboard covers and keyboards for Apple/Mac desktop and laptop computers. All our covers are ultra-thin and made with the highest quality silicone available. Our keyboard covers are made with stringent Quality Assurance methods, which help to ensure a tight fit, long-lasting durability, no paint cracking/chipping, a soft-feel, and ultimately a happy customer.


RED+FCP+Color: Making It All Work

Blu-ray Player Profiles: A Primer

Chapter: DVD Authoring

Topic: Blu-ray Authoring

While the BD spec allowed for advanced interactive features such as picture-in-picture and Internet connectivity from its inception, support for these advanced features was not mandatory in the player hardware initially. The BDA instead chose to phase in the features through the adoption of three categories of players, called “Profiles.” Profiles have taken on great significance since the end of 2007, when the first Profile 1.1 players hit store shelves.


Apple Final Cut Pro: RED+FCP+Color: Making It All Work

Chapter: Workflow

Topic: Red workflow

Lessons learned in RED FCP/Color roundtripping, and a suggested FCP/Color workflow for RED clips.


Panasonic Ships New, Lower Cost 16 GB and 32 GB E-Series P2 Cards

Panasonic announced the immediate availability of its new 16GB (model AJ-P2E016X) and 32GB (model AJ-P2E032X) E Series P2 cards at low costs of $420 and $625 respectively. The E Series P2 cards provide high quality recording for an average of five years with normal operation.

Incorporating a newly-developed memory technology, E Series P2 cards transfer recorded content at a faster rate (up to 1.2Gbps) than professional solid-state memory cards offered by other manufacturers. For example, users can transfer a full 16GB E Series card’s content (any format) in less than two minutes. E Series cards offer the same high-quality recording and capacity as standard Panasonic P2 solid-state memory cards, and feature Panasonic’s signature aluminum die cast casing for exceptional durability compared to plastic-based memory card products.

Unlike other disc-based or solid-state recording systems, P2 cards are a high-speed bit bucket, offering high-quality video recording and optimum flexibility, including reliable performance, instant access to content and compatibility with all P2 camcorders, P2 recorders and workflow tools and all major nonlinear editors and servers. P2 cards store content in the complete range of P2-supported frame rates and formats, from high definition to standard definition and from DVCPRO to AVC-Intra 100. P2 cards offer recording of video, audio, and metadata in any environment, even in challenging conditions of extreme temperature.

E Series P2 cards are reusable for up to five years when recorded on once daily, at full capacity (100%); when used at half capacity (50%), the cards can continue to record for up to 10 years. A notification is given (in the camcorder’s LCD/viewfinder or the card reader’s display) as the card approaches the end of its life cycle.

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New Century Accessories for Sony HVR-Z5U and HDR-FX1000

Schneider Optics introduces Century HD accessories for the new HVR-Z5U and HDR-FX1000 camcorders. Many of the Century lens add-ons created for Sony’s HVR-Z7U and HVR-S270U are also a perfect match for the HVR-Z5U and HDR-FX1000.

Attaching neatly to the camera’s lens front, Century Pro Series HD accessories are designed to help the user shoot wider, reach further, and move in closer than the lens alone will allow. These state-of-the-art optics produce crisp, high-resolution images with low distortion, and superior contrast edge to edge. Multi-coated glass elements provide sharp images free of unwanted distortion or chromatic aberration. Most units are equipped with a bayonet mount for quick, secure installation and easy removal.

Century HD accessories that are compatible with the HVR-Z5U/HDR-FX1000 include the .6X HD Wide Angle Adapter, .75X HD Wide Angle Converter, Fisheye HD Adapter, 1.6X HD Tele-Converter, and Achromatic Diopters in strengths of +2.0 and +3.5.

U.S. List price starts at $490.00.

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Understanding "Behaviors" in Motion

Apple Motion: Understanding "Behaviors" in Motion

Chapter: Motion Graphic Design

Topic: Behaviors

Final Cut Studio brings a new level of simplicity and flexibility to the post-production process, and Motion is no exception. Seasoned special effects guys may want the extra horsepower of heavier-duty software like After Effects, Shake, or Combustion — but Motion is sophisticated enough for most people’s needs, and it comes with an especially artist-oriented interface. Once you understand it properly, Behavior-based animation is one of those big boons for the creative process.


K-Tek Introduces Kwiksock

K-Tek introduces the Kwiksock. This fast and easy-to-use method of wind noise reduction is specifically designed for recording scenarios when it is not possible to carry or there is no time to locate a bulky, full-size windscreen. What’s more, the Kwiksock can be used to provide an additional layer of wind protection underneath an existing Zeppelin. Featuring a short-hair faux fur exterior and lined with top-quality fleece, the Kwiksock rolls up tightly and packs easily into a small bag or pocket for easy carrying. Each unit comes with a convenient carrying pouch. Available in short, medium and long sizes, the K-Tek (K-WIK) comes in either 21mm diameter (wide) or 19mm diameter (narrow) to fit most shotgun microphones.

U.S. MSRP price for the K-WIK is $55.00 (carrying pouch included).

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Adobe Releases Major Updates for CS4

Digital Production BuZZ spoke with Dave Helmly, North American DMO Technical Sales Manager at Adobe, about the new Adobe CS4 updates to After Effects 9.02, Premiere Pro 4.1, and Adobe Media Encoder 4.1.

Scheduled for release Friday morning, the new updates include:

  • Major speed improvements for Adobe Media Encoder
  • New RED R3D workflow & Raw setting panel
  • Avid Import & Export
  • Edit DVD VOB blocks directly, without having to convert first.
  • Improved AVCHD playback
  • Improved project loading
  • New Frame Export
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