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Cycore Systems Announces CycoreFX HD 1.6.5 update

Cycore Systems, the creators of Final Effects and Cult Effects, today releases new and improved CycoreFX HD 1.6.5. The update contains two brand new plug-ins and 15 plug-ins that support 32 bpc (float) and is available for After Effects CS4, CS3 and 7.0 on Mac (Universal Binaries) and Windows.

This update features 2 new plug-ins, Rainfall and Snowfall, extending the HD package to a total of 73 plug-ins with 16 bpc support. Upgrading from the bundled CycoreFX version means an additional 12 plug-ins. Also included in this update are 15 plug-ins with 32 bpc (float) support.

CC Rainfall

Rainfall allows to easily and quickly create “real-looking” rain when there is no time to get into a complex particle generator. Create anything from gentle summer rain to a torrential downpour.

CC Snowfall

Snowfall allows to easily and quickly create “real-looking” snow when there is no time to get into a complex particle generator.

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BuZZ Show and Podcast for May 28

This week’s episode of the world’s only interactive talk radio for Digital Production, Post Production and Distribution is filled with great information and entertainment designed for the independent filmmaker, producer or editor.

Host Larry Jordan, and co-host Michael Horton, talk with:

Reuben Langdon, stuntman, director, producer, co-founder of Just Cause Productions swings in to talk stunts. How they are created, how they are used, and how they are changing the game industry. Along the way, we’ll also discuss the differences between stunt teams in Asia and the US.

Myles Lank started his own company when he couldn’t find the stock footage he needed. Discover his take on the world of stock, what it takes to create it, and why he felt a new company needed to enter this crowded field.

Michael Webber brings us a report from the editing trenches. As the assistant editor for Observe and Report, we want to hear first-hand of the role an assistant editor plays in creating a feature film.

You can’t find people or interviews like this anywhere else! It’s another fascinating show – all the information you need now to know what’s coming next!

Creative Planet’s Digital Production BuZZ is live 6-7 pm Pacific Time. Join the Show Live, listen to, or download an episode from the archives or subscribe to the podcast through iTunes or off the website.

Saving Favorites to Sub Bins in Final Cut Pro

Match Multiple Takes in Seconds with ScriptSync in Avid Media Composer

2 Tutorials for Digieffects FreeForm AE

DigiEffects Free: 2 Tutorials for Digieffects FreeForm AE

Chapter: Compositing Tools and Techniques

Topic: Filters and Plug-ins

Mark Christiansen shows you how to create a couple of simple but incredibly useful effects using the new plug-in from Digieffects called FreeForm AE.


Apple Final Cut Pro: Saving Favorites to Sub Bins in Final Cut Pro

Chapter: Editing

Topic: Tips and Techniques

We all have favorite transitions and filters and effects that we constantly use from project to project in Final Cut Pro. Why not make it easy on yourself and put all of those favorites into one easily accessible place? Create a Sub Bin for exactly that purpose. You will work more efficiently, save time, and not have to scroll around in a menu to find them.


Avid Media Composer: Match Multiple Takes in Seconds with ScriptSync in Avid Media Composer

Chapter: Editing

Topic: ScriptSync

Avid’s ScriptSync feature in Media Composer provides a quick way to find takes efficiently. ScriptSync uses phonetic recognition technology to match all of the source footage (takes) to the lines in the script. It enables an editor, with the click of a button, to match up all the takes associated with a certain line of the script (multiple cameras) to be able to quickly assess the best performance. What would normally take an assistant editor hours to complete can now happen in seconds with ScriptSync. ScriptSync is an integral tool for our show and only available from Avid. Flight of the Conchords has three cameras running all the time, and with the number of resets and improvs throughout each take, we couldn’t keep track of all the performance nuances without the Avid ScriptSync feature.


Panasonic Releases P2 Card Updates

According to Abel CineTechnica, If you own a P2 based camera or other device then this is a must read. Panasonic is releasing their E-Series (Economy Series) P2 cards and while they are designed to work with all P2 devices, many will require a firmware upgrade to work perfectly. Without the upgrade the devices may have problems recording clips over multiple cards (Spanned Clips). Also a “REC Warning Error” may occur when recording in variable frame rates at 720/24PN/25PN/30PN. This error may also occur when shooting DV or DVCPRO (not DVCPRO HD) in Loop, Interval, or even Normal record modes. So these updates are a must if you’d like to use the E-Series cards. An upgrade is NOT needed for the following cameras: VariCam 3700, VariCam 2700, AJ-HPX3000, AJ-SPX800, AJ-SPC700 and AJ-SPD850.

Panasonic has posted a chart which shows which cameras need the update and when the firmware will be available for free download.

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Canon to update the 5D Mark II with manual controls

Canon announces a free downloadable update to the EOS 5D Mark II camera that enables manual exposure controls while shooting video. This includes ISO, aperture and shutter speed.

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