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Apple Final Cut Pro: How to Burn Blu-Ray Discs with Final Cut Pro 7

Chapter: DVD Authoring

Topic: Blu-ray Authoring

People wanted it so Apple gave it to them in spades. Not only does FCP burn bluray now, but compressor works with bluray also now. DVD Studio Pro doesnt but its not BluRay Studio Pro, Its DVD Studio Pro


Grip Factory Munich (GFM) Deliver First Primo Dolly

Over the last few months GFM has been busy delivering the first series of GF-Primo Dollies to clients in Germany and abroad. It has to be said, especially in times as tough as these, that it’s extremely rewarding and motivating to experience the positive feedback and reactions of practically everyone who has seen or had the chance to work with the new GF-Primo Dolly.

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New Element Technica Accessories Support RED One Electronic Viewfinder

Element Technica expands their RED One EVF line with a family of precision accessories that work seamlessly together to support the camera’s electronic viewfinder.

The EVF Deluxe Mounting System has become the industry standard for RED One users worldwide. It provides a secure interface, capable of attaching to a variety of points on the camera body or even to other accessories, allowing 4″ of vertical and 6″ of telescoping adjustment along the viewfinder axis. The system’s rugged, smooth-turning clutch lets the viewfinder be tilted to almost any angle. Once positioned, the cine-style clutch holds the EVF securely in place, regardless of the shooting conditions. What’s more, it can be converted from left to right eye – or moved to the right side of the camera in seconds. All adjustments, including clutch drag, are tool free for quick set up even on the go.

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sony's XDCAM PDW-700 CamCorder Now Supports 24p

Sony’s XDCAM PDW-700 now supports:

* Full 1920×080 imaging
* Reording in both 1080i and 720p image formats
* File-based operation with improved user interface
* 30 second picture cache, slow shutter, interval recording, and focus magnification
* Tapeless archival media.

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Apple Publishes New ProRes White Paper

With the release of Final Cut Studio, Apple also provided a 22-page white paper detailing the specs of the new versions of ProRes.

You can read it here.

Boris FX Announces New Boris Continuum Unit: Cartoon Look

Boris FX, the leading developer of integrated effects technology for video and film, announced that a new Boris Continuum Unit, Cartoon Look, is now available. The Boris Continuum Cartoon Look Unit includes the Cartoon Look, Pencil Sketch, Charcoal Sketch, and Watercolor filters from Boris Continuum Complete 6:

BCC Cartoon Look – BCC Cartoon Look simulates the look of cartoon rotoscope animation which was recently popularized with feature films such as “A Scanner Darkly” and “Waking Life” and may also be seen in memorable advertisement campaigns for The Charles Schwab Corporation. The filter includes many preset looks and styles, all available via the filter’s preset pop-up menu. Users can even make their own presets and apply them to any other clip in any project. This filter is easy to use, yet provides parameter controls to achieve the right look with any source material.

BCC Pencil Sketch – The BCC Pencil Sketch filter simulates the look of a hand-drawn pencil-sketched image. Simply apply this filter to an image clip to emulate the look of an animated pencil-drawn sketch. The filter includes apply modes which can be used to blend the generated pencil lines with the original image to produce unique stylized looks

BCC Charcoal Sketch – The BCC Charcoal Sketch filter simulates the painterly look of an image that was created using charcoals. Simply drop the filter onto any clip and the image is immediately transformed into a charcoal sketch. The filter includes easy-to-use pop-ups to determine the weight or line width and the desired level of detail.

BCC Watercolor – Watercolor paint-style images can easily be generated from any source material with the addition of the BCC Watercolor filter. This filter includes the ability to control the color and weight of the contour edges as well as the desired level of contouring. Users can save their own preset looks or use the included user-modifiable preset looks to generate wash or watercolor effects.

Boris Continuum Cartoon Look supports Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, Apple Motion, and Apple Final Cut Express. Apple’s new Final Cut Studio 3 release is supported.

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3D Pioneers Unveil New Company – Mixamo

Fueled by successful entrepreneurial founders, a high-profile advisory board from the game industry and $4 million in venture capital (VC) funding from Granite Ventures and Keynote Ventures, Mixamo Inc. today announced its debut as a company. Based on research from Stanford University’s BioMotion Lab and co-founded by 3D pioneers, Nazim Kareemi, CEO, and Stefano Corazza, CTO, Mixamo plans to bring to market the first online service for customizing and creating high-quality character animation in a fraction of the time required by traditional methods.

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Sonic Solutions Offers Blu-ray Production for Under $2,499

At last, you can encode, author, QC, and burn all from one suite of products made by one vendor: Sonic Solutions’ BD PowerStation! Want to author both DVD and Blu-ray disc at the same time, without doubling the work? Want to multiplex and burn using the single most reliable mux engine available? Want to test and proof your work with the world-renown Scenarist QC application? Want to output to CMF and send your project off to be replicated? All of this for less than $2,499 with BD PowerStation!

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Finding Used & Unused Clips in Final Cut Pro

Apple Final Cut Pro: Finding Used & Unused Clips in Final Cut Pro

Chapter: Editing

Topic: Media or Media Management

Being able to find your used and unused clips within Final Cut Pro is so important in keeping your clips organized. To figure out which clips you have used or not used in your sequence: Select your sequence, then go to Edit > Find and under the For drop down menu, you can choose Unused Media or Used Media.