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VFGadgets Launches EyeDirect 16×9

VFGadgets is pleased to launch the “EyeDirect 16×9” from Eyeliner Texas.

The EyeDirect gives a new and improved spin on talking heads with guaranteed onscreen eye contact. EyeDirect creates on-screen intimacy and candour with the most difficult of subjects by giving them a real person to look at. EyeDirect puts subjects at ease; they are speaking directly to you instead of the perceived millions behind the lens. Eye-to-eye contact between the subject and the interviewer becomes an eyeline right into the camera lens. EyeDirect is perfect for real people on-camera interviews, apprehensive celebrities and testimonials. Subjects often ask, “Where is the camera?”

The patented EyeDirect is used by major TV networks, commercial filmmakers and documentarians around the world to col- lect eye contact from challenging subjects. The inventor, Director and Cameraman Steve McWilliams, has been involved in the production of motion picture and television commercials for over 25 years. His success with the motion picture rentals of the EyeDirect’s big brother, the EyeLiner® MP1, has led to the creation of this smaller EyeDirect® 16×9 unit for HDV as well as Broadcast camera use.

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Gefen Announces New 3G SDI Converter

Connectivity solutions provider Gefen today announced the availability of its HDMI v1.3 to 3G SDI Converter. This standards converter provides a simple yet quality method of integrating consumer video sources using the HDMI v1.3 format and professional 3G SDI displays.

A plug and play methodology makes this solution valuable to anyone seeking to connect pro and consumer video equipment while supporting the most current formats and high definition video. Interconnecting different formats also allows broadcasters can save on studio equipment costs.

The Gefen HDMI v1.3 to 3G SDI Converter works with all high definition audio/video devices including set-top boxes, gaming consoles and Blu-ray players, but will not convert HDCP compliant video as per HDCP specifications.

It does support all HDMI v1.3 features including deep color in its transition to the 3G SDI format at resolutions to 1080p full HD. Displays can be using the standard, high or 3G SDI format. Audio is output alongside in two-channel L/R analog audio for signal monitoring.

The Gefen HDMI v1.3 to 3G SDI Converter comes with one HDMI input, and two 3G SDI outputs for displaying video in mirrored mode. A tiny switch on the underside of the unit allows users to control features and test performance with 3G mapping levels, testing patterns and RGB ranges.

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Blackmagic Design Releases Support for Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Blackmagic Design Inc. today released a new software installer for its Multibridge, DeckLink and Intensity products that adds full support for the new Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. This new software release also includes support for the highly popular editing solution, Final Cut Studio 3.

Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard enables Blackmagic Design customers to migrate to the next generation of 64- bit processing for the Mac. This new software provides a smoother and more fluid experience that editors and compositors using Blackmagic Design products will love.

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Moving Clips Numerically in Final Cut Pro

Sitting in the Mix

Chapter: Editing

Topic: Audio Editing

Like most video editors, audio mixing isn’t necessarily my forte, but there are plenty of projects, where I end up “playing a mixer on TV”. I’ll be the first to recommend that – budget permitting – you should have an experienced audio editor/mixer handle the sound portion of your project. Unfortunately there are plenty of situations where you are going to have to do it yourself “in the box”. Generally, these are going to be projects involving basic voice-overs, sound effects and music, which is typical of most commercials and corporate videos. The good news is that you have all the tools you need at your disposal. I’d like to offer some ideas to use for the next time that the task falls to you.


Apple Final Cut Pro: Moving Clips Numerically in Final Cut Pro

Chapter: Editing

Topic: Basic Skills

If you ever want to move a clip by using its timecode, you can move them by entering a positive or negative timecode value. For example, if you enter +100 it will move a clip forward 1 second; if you enter -100 it will move a clip backward 1 second. You have to make sure the clip you’re moving is highlighted, otherwise only the Playhead will move forward or backward. By selecting a clip and pressing the + or – key, the move box will appear.


When to use Smart Blend in Twixtor

RE: Vision Effects Twixtor: When to use Smart Blend in Twixtor

Chapter: Editing

Topic: Speed Effects

Things that come in and out of the frame can cause difficulties to any motion estimator. This Tutorial explains when it is appropriate to use Smart Blend and shows Twixtor and Twixtor Pro with Smart Blend and compares a panning shot slowed down 10x with and without Smart Blend.


FCS Maintenance Pack – Maintain Final Cut Studio, Diagnose and Fix Problems, Manage Settings

FCS Maintenance Pack includes:

Autosave Cleaner
Content Manager
Corrupt Clip Finder
Crash Analyzer
FCS Housekeeper
File Salvage
Plugin Manager
Project Repair

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Enhance Technology Releases QuadraPack X14

The Enhance QuadraPack X14 shares similar but improved features as the previous Enhance QuadraPack Q14.

The X14 consists of a drive tray with retention springs and frontal ventilation ports for better cooling power and vibration stability in conditions that require continuous operation. To maximize cooling in demanding environments, Enhance Technology has doubled the cooling power with dual rear fans now giving a total of 11 CFM. The new Enhance QuadraPack X14 is much more compact at 7 inches overall depth for a truly dense storage device that will easily integrate in chassis with limited space. In addition to visual and functional improvements both inside and out, we’ve added internal light pipes in place of conventional LEDs and wiring to create a more tidy appearance while minimizing EMI interference and connectivity degradation.

The Enhance QuadraPack X14 is extremely suitable for applications where mobility is needed since the 2.5″ HDD is physically smaller and easier to transport. In situations where there is constant vibration in the environment, the QuadraPack X14 leverages SSD (Solid State Disk) compatibility which carries no moving parts so the performance and data integrity are not affected by constant motion.

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