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Enhance Technology Releases QuadraPack X14

The Enhance QuadraPack X14 shares similar but improved features as the previous Enhance QuadraPack Q14.

The X14 consists of a drive tray with retention springs and frontal ventilation ports for better cooling power and vibration stability in conditions that require continuous operation. To maximize cooling in demanding environments, Enhance Technology has doubled the cooling power with dual rear fans now giving a total of 11 CFM. The new Enhance QuadraPack X14 is much more compact at 7 inches overall depth for a truly dense storage device that will easily integrate in chassis with limited space. In addition to visual and functional improvements both inside and out, we’ve added internal light pipes in place of conventional LEDs and wiring to create a more tidy appearance while minimizing EMI interference and connectivity degradation.

The Enhance QuadraPack X14 is extremely suitable for applications where mobility is needed since the 2.5″ HDD is physically smaller and easier to transport. In situations where there is constant vibration in the environment, the QuadraPack X14 leverages SSD (Solid State Disk) compatibility which carries no moving parts so the performance and data integrity are not affected by constant motion.

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