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NetBlender Adds AVC Encoding to Blu-ray Authoring Package

Seasoned disc jockeys who are itching to upgrade their authoring studios to include Blu-ray capabilities should take note of the latest product from NetBlender, maker of the inexpensive DoStudio BD Authoring Edition (DSA). The company is now shipping the DoStudio Workflow Edition (DSW), a significant upgrade that adds integrated Blu-ray-compliant AVC encoding, QuickTime import with chapter markers from Final Cut Pro, subtitling, and formatting for replication.

DSW includes the full DSA 1.8 authoring system, the DoStudio Encoder 1.0, a QuickTime exporter, and Title Factory 4.0 for subtitling duties. There is no Mac version of the software, but the company says it runs nicely on an eight-core MacPro with 32-bit Windows XP Pro or 32-bit Windows Vista Business loaded via Bootcamp. (It does not run in Parallels.) The recommended Windows workstation includes an Intel Core i7-920 processor, six GB of DDR3 SDRAM, and a 64-bit version of Vista Home Premium.

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