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VFGadgets Launches EyeDirect 16×9

VFGadgets is pleased to launch the “EyeDirect 16×9” from Eyeliner Texas.

The EyeDirect gives a new and improved spin on talking heads with guaranteed onscreen eye contact. EyeDirect creates on-screen intimacy and candour with the most difficult of subjects by giving them a real person to look at. EyeDirect puts subjects at ease; they are speaking directly to you instead of the perceived millions behind the lens. Eye-to-eye contact between the subject and the interviewer becomes an eyeline right into the camera lens. EyeDirect is perfect for real people on-camera interviews, apprehensive celebrities and testimonials. Subjects often ask, “Where is the camera?”

The patented EyeDirect is used by major TV networks, commercial filmmakers and documentarians around the world to col- lect eye contact from challenging subjects. The inventor, Director and Cameraman Steve McWilliams, has been involved in the production of motion picture and television commercials for over 25 years. His success with the motion picture rentals of the EyeDirect’s big brother, the EyeLiner® MP1, has led to the creation of this smaller EyeDirect® 16×9 unit for HDV as well as Broadcast camera use.

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