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Class On Demand Video-based Training Integrated Within Episode Encoder Applications

Class on Demand, a provider of professional educational products for creative markets, announced a new training initiative with Telestream. Episode Encoder and Episode Encoder Pro customers will now have immediate access to video-based support with “Complete Training for Episode Encoder and Episode Encoder Pro.”

Known for advanced encoding capabilities for multiple platforms, both desktop applications deliver quality, fast video encoding across a variety of mediums. Class on Demand will provide a link within the Episode software that will direct users to a sampling of their in-depth, self-paced instruction for a unique approach to immediate customer support.

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Noise Industries Development Partner DVShade Ships Cartoon Look Plug-in

Noise Industries, developer of visual effects tools for the postproduction and broadcast markets, announced the release of the LiveToon plug-in from development partner DVShade. FxFactory powered plug-ins are designed by Noise Industries and their development partners to extend the visual effects capabilities of Adobe After Effects versions CS3 and CS4, Apple Final Cut Studio, and Apple Final Cut Express applications.

Parameters include posterization, saturation, cartoon edge lines and a variety of screen effects ranging from dots and lines to hash and circulars for a perfect, customized comic book look.

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Telestream Announces Major Software Release for Pipeline Systems

Telestream today announced a major software release for its Pipeline network video capture systems. Version 2 new features on the Windows side include log and capture, direct VTR control and EDL (edit decision list) batch import, enhancing tape-based capture into digital asset management, archiving and editing workflows. Broader audio support, improved time code input, and preview panel enhancements are also new in this release. These make Pipeline faster, more robust, reliable and easier to use in Avid and other PC environments.

Direct support for MXF in Avid workflows is also new for both Windows and Mac users, enabling greater interoperability with other systems. The recent addition of a more powerful web service API allows programmatic control of multiple Pipelines, making it easier to develop an application that will automatically control multiple Pipeline systems. A free SDK simplifies integration with third-party devices.

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Training for Tricaster Studio: Administration mode

Noise Industries Boinx FxTiles plug-in for FCP, Motion and AE

How to Use Apple Color with Media 100 Suite

Boinx Software Boinx FxTiles: Noise Industries Boinx FxTiles plug-in for FCP, Motion and AE

Chapter: Editing

Topic: Effects

Flip, shatter and spread your image across the screen with FxTiles, designed by Boinx Software for FxFactory. This tutorial gives you an introduction of what you can do with this great plug-in.


Boris Media 100: How to Use Apple Color with Media 100 Suite

Chapter: Workflow

Topic: Inter-application Workflow

In this new video tutorial, Floh Peters shows you how to use Apple Color with Media 100 Suite. The tutorial focuses on how to get your material into Color and back into Media 100 Suite – and what to look out for during this round-trip.


Newtek Tricaster: Training for Tricaster Studio: Administration mode

Chapter: Live Production

Topic: Hardware

In this clip, host Faraz Ahmed covers administrative duties to keep your Tricaster Studio running at optimum performance and trouble free. He goes over some of the administrative settings in Tricaster Studio, via admin mode. He shows where you reset the configurations, defrag the hard drive, delete existing videos, and restart in 16:9 mode. He also explains when to access these settings and when you should or shouldn’t use them.


New Prime-Cache Archive Appliance From Cache-A

Setup could not be easier. You plug the unit into a power source, add a Gigabit Ethernet connection and power it on. While the device is virtually silent when powered on, once the tape in the drive starts to shuttle during operation it makes more noise then you, or more likely your clients, will want while editing. Considering this device is controlled over the network from anywhere in your office, it makes sense to put it in another room. One of the great things about this device is that through the web interface, Cache-A can send your unit software updates as they’re released.

The hardware is a combination of LTO-4 tape drive, internal hard drive, FTP server and computer all wrapped in one. It’s basically a archive appliance built around a PC running Linux. If you’re a linux nerd it’s Fedora Core10, specifically While it is possible to hook up a monitor and keyboard and use the device directly, as you would any other PC, the real strength in this device is that it’s designed to be used over a network with multiple clients at the same time.

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