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Adobe Photoshop: Working with Photoshop and Adobe Premiere Pro

Chapter: Workflow

Topic: Inter-application Workflow

If you use Photoshop to create still images, you can use Adobe Premiere Pro to make them move and change. You can animate an entire image or any of its layers. You can edit individual frames of video and image sequence files in Photoshop. In addition to using any Photoshop tool to edit and paint on video, you can also apply filters, masks, transformations, layers styles, and blending modes. You can paint using the Clone Stamp, Pattern Stamp, Healing Brush, or Spot Healing Brush. You can also edit video frames using the Patch tool. In Photoshop, with the Clone Stamp, you can sample a frame from a video layer and paint with the sampled source onto another video frame. As you move to different target frames, the source frame changes relative to the frame from which you initially sampled.



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