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New Prime-Cache Archive Appliance From Cache-A

Setup could not be easier. You plug the unit into a power source, add a Gigabit Ethernet connection and power it on. While the device is virtually silent when powered on, once the tape in the drive starts to shuttle during operation it makes more noise then you, or more likely your clients, will want while editing. Considering this device is controlled over the network from anywhere in your office, it makes sense to put it in another room. One of the great things about this device is that through the web interface, Cache-A can send your unit software updates as they’re released.

The hardware is a combination of LTO-4 tape drive, internal hard drive, FTP server and computer all wrapped in one. It’s basically a archive appliance built around a PC running Linux. If you’re a linux nerd it’s Fedora Core10, specifically While it is possible to hook up a monitor and keyboard and use the device directly, as you would any other PC, the real strength in this device is that it’s designed to be used over a network with multiple clients at the same time.

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