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Intelligent Assistance Updates New Sequence Reporting Tool

Sequence Clip Reporter takes an XML export from your finished, edited Final Cut Pro Sequence and generates usage reports as an Excel spreadsheet on selected video and/or audio tracks. As well as all the features of version 1 – Clip name, Sequence start and end times; source in and out and durations, plus comment fields – version 1.5 adds these features:

A completely revised interface;
Video and audio tracks identified in different colored text;
Reports can be limited to specified audio and video tracks;
Estimated duration for each reel is reported;
Additional sheets can be generated for a reel-by-reel report;
An optional Sequence Marker report;
And an optional Filters report.

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Blackmagic Design UltraScope Wins Broadcast Engineering Award

The Broadcast Engineering Pick Hits Award winners have been selected by judges at the IBC for more than 25 years. Selections are based on several criteria, including the technical and financial improvements the product can bring to a facility’s operation.

Blackmagic UltraScope is a combination PCI Express card and software package designed to work in a low cost PC with 1920 x 1200 monitors. A 1920 x 1200 monitor allows simultaneous display of 6 waveform views including: RGB/YUV parade display, composite waveform, vector, histogram, 8 channel audio meters, stereo audio scope and picture view.

At NAB 2009, UltraScope also won the TV Technology Star Award, the DV Black Diamond Award, and the Videography Vidy Award.

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Miraizon Announces Snow Leopard Compatibility of Cinematize Products

Miraizon announced today that its current versions of Cinematize products, Cinematize 2 Pro for Macintosh Version 2.03 and Cinematize 2 for Macintosh Version 2.07, have been tested and certified to be fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard.

Cinematize 2 and Cinematize 2 Pro are DVD movie clip extractors that allow you to extract audio, video, and subtitle clips off of DVDs and convert them into formats compatible with popular applications including QuickTime, FinalCut, iMovie, iDVD, PowerPoint, iTunes, Apple TV, and even an iPod. The extracted clips can be used to create best-of movie clip collections, multimedia presentations, movie clips for viewing on an iPod or Apple TV unit, or movie clips for posting on web sites including YouTube.

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The Foundry Offers Fix for CMOS Rolling Shutter

Not only does it seem to properly recognize the distortion and correct it, it lets you calibrate it for specific cameras, and it doesn’t correct the whole image, just what moves- so an object moving in the frame is fixed while the street poles are left alone which a “global adjustment” would distort.

A video demo is available from the The Foundry’s YouTube Channel.

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Boris FX Updates Boris Continuum Complete Product Line to Version 6.0.4

The Boris Continuum Complete (BCC) product line includes BCC AE for Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro, BCC FxPlug for Apple Final Cut Pro, Apple Motion, and Apple Final Cut Express, and BCC AVX for Avid editing and finishing systems. The new Version 6.0.4 release includes a revamped optical stabilizer filter, enhanced support for Adobe Premiere Pro and Apple Motion, new animated presets for BCC 6’s 3D Objects filters, and official support for Apple Final Cut Pro 7, Apple Motion 4, Avid Media Composer 4, Avid Symphony 4, and Avid NewsCutter 8.

BCC 6.0.4 AE is a free update for BCC 6.x AE users, BCC 6.0.4 FxPlug is a free update for BCC 6.x FxPlug users, and BCC 6.0.4 AVX is a free update for BCC 6.x AVX users.

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Final Cut Pro Audio Filter Guide: Part 1 – Apple Audio Units

Training for Tricaster Studio: Edit Media Tab

Color Isolation Using Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects: Color Isolation Using Adobe After Effects

Chapter: Visual and Creative Effects

Topic: Reproducing TV or Film Effects

Color isolation is a very commonly used technique in both video and photography. For video, the perfect appliaction to achieve this effect is After Effects. It is the aim of this piece to help you to achieve this effect in your videos. There are several different ways in which we could tackle this task; this is just one of them.


Newtek Tricaster: Training for Tricaster Studio: Edit Media Tab

Chapter: Live Production

Topic: Hardware

In this clip, host Faraz Ahmed covers the Edit Media Tab in Tricaster Studio. The Edit Media Tab is a full featured non linear editor. It completes the Tricaster Studio, making it a true studio in a box. He goes over the features of the Edit Media Tab, which is great to make intros that you’ll play in the Live Production Mode, or you’ve taken something from the Live Production mode that you’ve put together and want to make some tweaks to it.