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Maxon Cinema 4D: C4D QuickTip : MoSpline 01 – From 0 to X degrees

Chapter: 3D Modelling and Animation

Topic: Animation Techniques

MAXON’s CINEMA 4D R11.5 is full of new features, including several new tools that you’ll find in Mograph. In addition to the spline tools that were introduced earlier, MoSpline is a dynamic way of introducing creative spline data to your scene. For some projects, a little tweeking may be necessary. In these two video tutorials, I’ll point out (1) How to get the splines to grow from the originating point – so they come out from 0º (zero degrees) and animate to your last segment and (2) How to animate from the originating point to a specific degree value; ensuring that there is 1 spline on the zero degree angle, ending with 1 spline on the end (target) angle.



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