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Apple Final Cut Pro: Final Cut Pro 7 – Scopes: Vectorscope

Chapter: Editing

Topic: Monitoring

FCP offers four different scopes for us to work with; Waveform Monitor, Vectorscope, Histogram, and RGB Parade. For me, the two most important scopes and the ones that I use, are the Waveform monitor and the Vectorscope. The Waveform monitor displays the luminance or brightness of our video from black to white and the Vectorscope, which uses a circular graph, not unlike a color wheel, shows the colors, hues and color saturation of the footage. This article is going to cover the Vectorscope. There are two areas that need to be looked at to insure that our video is Broadcast Safe; the luminance of the video as shown in the Waveform monitor and the color saturation as shown in the Vectorscope.


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