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Autodesk Smoke on Mac: Smoke on Mac: Quick Tip #1 –

Chapter: Finishing

Topic: Media Handling

This Quick Tip is actually for all the Linux users out there, and comes courtesy of JF Panisset, who is a technical wizard with the Autodesk systems (amongst others), currently at MPC. Often times you’ll get a USB or FireWire drive from a Mac workstation (probably more often now) that you’ll need to output to: an image sequence, audio file, QuickTime, whatever. Mounting a HFS+ formatted drive on Linux is actually pretty simple, and the custom Autodesk Red Hat kernel (the DKU) does include a HFS+ driver. However, the issue comes with read-write access to the drive. Like NTFS on Mac, I used to not be able to write to about half of the HFS+ drives I was given – I could read and soft-import from them fine – but outputting was kaput.



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