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Special Episode – Obscure Faces

Avid Media Composer: Special Episode – Obscure Faces

Chapter: Editing

Topic: Obscure face or logo

Sometimes, you need to obscure the face of a person, be it for legal or aesthetic reasons. In this episode, we’ll do just that using a very special technique.


Making Sense of HD Formats and Frame Rates

Chapter: High Definition

Topic: HD Technology

I guess you could call this “HD Formats for Dummies”, but if you’ve been reading our blog, you are certainly no dummy. There are so many varieties of HD out there and it can all get a little confusing. My aim here is to help organize the different formats and clear up some common misconceptions. To do this I’ve broken down the HD formats into three categories: Resolution, Frequency, and Frame Rate. With these three parameters, you can come up with any HD signal available. Keep in mind that not all the HD formats we will discuss can be sent for broadcast, so I will also point out those formats and how they effect your final product.


Red Workflow II – Conform to DPX

Creating Stormy Oceans

Avid Media Composer: Red Workflow II – Conform to DPX

Chapter: Editing

Topic: Red One

This is the second of several episodes covering a workflow for using Red Digital Cinema Cameras with your Avid editing application. In this episode, we’ll take a sequence that was offline edited in Avid Media Composer and onform it to 4K DPX files for grading. For this, we’ll use Monkey Extract.


Adobe After Effects: Creating Stormy Oceans

Chapter: Visual and Creative Effects

Topic: Simulating Nature

In this basic tutorial, Omar Alkattan will continue with his creating an ocean tutorial and in this tutorial, we’ll add rain and clouds.


Band Pro Releases New 4K Lenses

Band Pro Film and Digital introduces a new brand of PL mount prime lenses designed to deliver optical performance for true 4K imaging and beyond. The new series of T1.4 lenses, named “Mystery Primes,” will eventually total 15 different focal lengths, ranging from 12mm to 150mm. Delivery of production models of eight of the lenses will begin in early summer of 2010.

The entire set of Mystery Primes features unified distance focus scales, common size and location of focus and iris rings, and a 95mm threaded (for filters) lens front–all allowing quick interchange of lenses in a busy production environment. There is also an integrated threaded net ring in the rear of the PL mount.

For more information click here.

PluralEyes Supports Sony Vegas Pro

PluralEyes, which offers automatic sync with no timecode, clappers or special preparation, is now fully integrated with Sony Vegas Pro. PluralEyes is suited for a multicamera video, dual-system audio for a DSLR camera, or a multi-take shoot like a music video, in addition to other projects.

A free trial version of PluralEyes is available on their website.

For more information click here.

EditShare Supports Mac OS X Snow Leopard

EditShare announces compatibility for Apple Snow Leopard in their Flow Storage Series, XStream Series, and Ark. EditShare produces multi-channel ingest, shared storage, archiving solutions and project sharing capabilities for Broadcast, Post Production and DI editing workgroups.

Using EditShare’s patented bin-locking / project-locking framework, Mac-based editors using Apple Final Cut Pro and Avid editing applications can instantly see, copy or revise the work of colleagues with the assurance that a bin, sequence or project will never get accidentally deleted or overwritten. Via a file-manager type interface, editors can clearly see all the bins and project files being used by all editors in their group. Bins and projects belonging to other editors are automatically opened as “Read Only,” and control can easily be transferred from one editor to another.

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