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Autodesk Smoke on Mac: DESKTOP PAINT: Intro, Brush Attributes and a little bit of AutoPaint

Chapter: Finishing

Topic: Paint

Painting is used in every aspect of image finishing on a daily basis. You might be removing a mole or wire. You might be designing some graphic elements. Creating textures, paint stokes, animated geometries and the list goes on forever. The painting tools in Flame and Smoke are extremely versatile and powerful once you start exploring the depths of the menu. We even have the tracker built into the paint tool for tracking paint strokes!!! Really cool!

We’re going to kick off by just looking at the desktop paint UI and then start focusing on the brush attributes which can do some crazy things with your brush… Lastly, I thought I’d throw in a little taster of AutoPaint. I love this tool and I will probably dedicate a whole blog or two to it at some point but let’s get on with the show.


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