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CalDigit Warehouse Burglarized

The CalDigit cooperate offices and warehouse were burglarized sometime over the weekend of February 20th.  In what seems to be much like the plot from an action film, a hole was cut into the wall of the CalDigit warehouse, where the burglars were able to remove merchandise.

The Police investigation is ongoing as they continue to look for leads into the stolen CalDigit merchandise.  If you have any information about this investigation contact the Placentia Police Department at (714) 993-8164 or CalDigit directly at (714) 557-6668.  CalDigit is offering a reward for any information leading to the conviction of those involved.

Consumers should be wary of any CalDigit product that is not sold though a CalDigit Certified Dealer.  These products have not been assembled and tested by CalDigit, and of course come with no guarantee or warranty.  Also CalDigit never sells any product without hard drives.  Any unpopulated CalDigit solutions are likely stolen.  The stolen CalDigit products will be missing several stickers which should make the units easy to identify, look for the following stickers: CalDigit label and serial number on each hard drive, cardboard box, and on the bottom or side of the unit.   CalDigit has the serial numbers of the stolen units and hard drives on file, please contact CalDigit directly if you have any questionable products that you would like to check. 

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