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RED Demos New Tools at RED DAY

At RED DAY, at RED Studios in Hollywood, RED demonstrated three new products:

  • Stereo R3D was shown using two tandem Rocket cards. They were playing back, in realtime, two R3D streams of 4K 16:9 material. Left Eye / Right Eye – full debayer/demosaic from a dual RED Rocket. And in SCRATCH – realtime flip/flop (for beamsplit eye), LUTs on both eyes, convergence fix, interocular fix, rotation adjustment, and a few levels of color grading on each eye.  All of this was playing back directly from a FW-800 drive brought from the set.  This makes for a cost effective, efficient workflow for stereo that enables Stereo Dailies to happen at the end of the day instead of having to wait for all footage to transcode and load in.
  • Three Rocket cards running in one unit, all tied to one stream of R3D providing:

  • a) Playback of MX footage at 60fps (10-bit) and 35fps (16-bit).

    b) Significantly improved render speeds. Using multiple Rockets, SCRATCH can render to 2K DPX from MX at 60fps to disk. Render to 16-bit TIFF at 35fps.

  • New RED Color Page for SCRATCH. In v5.1, Red has a separate page of color controls that contains all the SDK options – FLUT, ISO, Saturation, Exposure, etc. This works in conjunction with the standard L/G/G and shape controls that we have always had.

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