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Vimeo Announces Support for 1080p and AVCHD playback

Vimeo offers more options for HD video with the addition of:

  • 1080p support. Users can now optionally upgrade new or existing 1080p videos to be played back in full 1080p, by going to the settings page of a video, then clicking “video file”, then checking the “Display this video in 1080p” box. The video will re-encode. Vimeo calls this feature experimental: that means to use caution before enabling 1080p, since viewers may experience choppy playback. Remember that very few computers have 1920×1080 monitors and 720p will load about twice as fast.
  • AVCHD support. Vimeo had this in beta for a long time, but never fully announced it to the world. Those who shoot or edit in AVCHD, can now upload the .MTS or .M2S file directly.
  • For more information click here.


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