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Apple Final Cut Pro: Reinstall OS X & Final Cut Studio The Right Way: Part 2 – How To Create Disc/DMG Images of Application Install Discs

Chapter: Video and Computer Technology

Topic: Backup

Introduction. We saw in part one of this multi-part series the procedure for creating a bootable USB2/Firewire hard disc drive containing the OS X installers. In this installment, we will utilize a similar procedure to create DMG images of your application install DVD/CDs. Although this task takes several hours to complete, significant time and effort will be saved whenever you need to reinstall your operating system, restore important data files, and critical applications. No technical knowledge is required. If you know how to swap DVD and CD install discs, and click on two buttons in the Disc Utility, you’ll have no problems. The process won’t interfere with other work that must be done. Check email, and do web research or other tasks as the process occurs. Just compute how long it takes to create the first DMG image, and use that to gauge when the next disc must be inserted.


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