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Apple Final Cut Pro: Using the Range Selection Tool to Render Quickly in Final Cut Pro

Chapter: Editing

Topic: Tips and Techniques

Using the Edit Selection Tool, or the Range Selection Tool, to select a portion of your sequence to render quickly in Final Cut Pro is just another one of those great little shortcuts to help us save time. Say for example you have a large sequence with all kinds of transitions, filters, or effects, and you want to see how just a portion of it is going to look. Rather than rendering out the entire sequence, you can use this great little shortcut: GGG. That’s all there is to it. Press the G key 3 times and then click & drag the portion of the clip or clips that you want to render. Now you can press Cmd+R, and it will render just that range you’ve specified, and take alot less time doing so. This way you don’t have to render an entire sequence and waste time. This accomplishes the same result as the traditional method of setting in and out points to achieve the same goal.


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