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Apple DVD Studio Pro: Making a DVD Loop with DVD Studio Pro

Chapter: DVD Authoring

Topic: Menus or Navigation

Lets say you are producing a trade show video, that you want to be on a continuous loop, it is easy to do with DVD Studio Pro. There are a number of ways to get from Final Cut Pro to DVD Studio Pro. After you have imported both your audio and video, you simply drag them onto either your Graphical view, or the Track Editor. Once the M2V, & AC3 files are in the Track, you will need to right click on the track in the Graphical view, and set it to be the First Play. After setting the First play, delete the empty menu, because it can cause issues if it’s left a part of the Build. Last of all, go into the Track Inspector to set the Track up to loop. Set the End Jump to go back to the Track itself. This will cause the track to continually loop from it’s end to it’s beginning. Now just Build and Format your DVD, and you’re all set!



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