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Apple Final Cut Pro: Cutting in Footage from another Sequence

Chapter: Editing

Topic: Editing Technique

at “Avid Editors” brag that they can load a sequence into the Viewer, and then click a toggle that will then show them that sequence on the timeline. The PROGRAM (or Canvas for you FCP peeps) timeline is replaced by the PREVIEW (or Viewer) sequence in the Timeline area. This is super useful. I do it all the time. Select reels, or as I said, sequences from previous cuts, or other acts, that I am moving to the current cut.
The complaint I hear from them is that FCP doesn’t do this. Sure, you can load a sequence into the Viewer, but first off, you can’t then toggle back and forth and see what you are doing. It is useful at times to see not only the image you are cutting over, but also the layers of stuff…what you are bringing over, or might want to bring over or leave out. You might not want to bring over the original music, for example…or the voiceover. Whatever.


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