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BuZZ Show and Podcast May 27

This week’s episode of the world’s only interactive talk radio for Digital Production, Post Production and Distribution is filled with great information and entertainment designed for the independent filmmaker, producer or editor.

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Join host Larry Jordan and co-host Michael Horton as they talk with:

Tom Tomchak, president of Edit Creations, Inc, used to be a full-time post house. But when the economy turned bad, he needed to diversify. We invited him this week to talk about what he did to survive in a down economy.

Michael Kammes, is an editor, demo artist, and blogger. Recently, he’s come across some new ideas he calls “Disruptive Technologies.” We invited him back this week to talk about the impact this new gear will have on our lives.

Arnie Sirlin, Owner,, has invented an on-line way to solve an age-old problem. How do you get everyone on the crew to know who everyone else is, and tell them when and where to show up.

Bruce Nazarian, The Digital Guy, is wearing his musical hat this week. A couple of shows ago we started talking about what producers need to know about working with composers. Since Bruce has a background in music and media, we wanted to continue that conversation with him today.

You can’t find people or interviews like this anywhere else! It’s another fascinating show – all the information you need now to know what’s coming next!

The Digital Production BuZZ is live 6-7 pm Pacific Time. Join the Show Live, listen to, or download an episode from the archives or subscribe to the podcast through iTunes or off the website.

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