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Oak Park, CA (PRWEB) December 27, 2010

Larry Jordan, digital media analyst and world-renowned Final Cut Studio expert and teacher, just released the December edition of his free monthly Final Cut Studio newsletter. Published each month for the last six years, each issue is packed with valuable techniques, tips, product reviews, responses to reader questions and the latest industry news. Containing 40 pages, the December issue is designed to help editors get the most out of Final Cut.

“One of the things that makes my newsletter really fun for me,” said Larry Jordan, “is the dialog that we have with our readers in the pages of the newsletter. Readers add their ideas and workarounds, correct each other, and bring a whole new level of content to each issue. Reader Mail has been a part of the newsletter since the beginning. Now, we are incorporating comments from our friends on Facebook and Twitter as well.”

One of the most popular articles in this month’s issue is, “The World-Famous Unknown Thingy,” which describes a specific button inside the application that, it seems, everyone wonders about and no one understands.

Each issue is free, but subscriptions are encouraged.

The written techniques and tutorials in Larry Jordan’s free monthly Final Cut Newsletter are supplemented by videos posted to his YouTube Channel and his weekly live online webinars, providing on-going training on the latest technology surrounding Final Cut Studio.

Lead Stories from the December Issue include:

  •     Technique: Nailing Down Final Cut Pro’s Anchor Point
  •     Technique: Create a Reflection in Motion 4
  •     Technique: Creating Text with Cast Shadows Using Title 3D
  •     A Facebook Conversation
  •     Showcase Your Best Work on the Digital Production Buzz
  •     Technique: Converting Audio Files for Final Cut Pro
  •     Explaining the World-Famous Unknown Thingy

Reader mail is culled from hundreds of emails that Jordan receives each month and includes the following topics:

  •     Questions From Facebook
  •     Locking A QuickTime Movie
  •     Two Audio Questions
  •     Converting 4:3 to 16:9
  •     A Differing Opinion On Exporting
  •     Targeting Tracks
  •     Transition Trick
  •     Tracking Down A Render File
  •     Fixing A Problem With Canon 5D Images
  •     A Simple Question
  •     Improving Export Image Quality
  •     Picking The Right Codec
  •     A Question on Timecode
  •     Creating A Stereoscopic 3D Effect In Motion

About Larry Jordan & Associates, Inc. 
Larry Jordan & Associates, Inc. provides high-quality, engaging training and conversation covering video production and post-production for practicing professionals and students through a variety of media worldwide. The company was founded by Larry Jordan, an internationally-renowned digital media analyst, consultant, Apple-Certified trainer, and Final Cut Studio expert with over 30 years experience as a television producer, director and editor with national broadcast and corporate credits. He’s a member of both the Directors Guild of America and the Producers Guild of America. Jordan is executive producer and host of the weekly industry-leading digital media Podcast Creative Planet’s Digital Production BuZZ and author of Larry Jordan’s FREE Final Cut Studio Newsletter.

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