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BuZZ Show and Podcast August 26

This week’s episode of the world’s only interactive talk radio for Digital Production, Post Production and Distribution is filled with great information and entertainment designed for the independent filmmaker, producer or editor.

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Join host Larry Jordan, and co-host Michael Horton, as they talk with:

Joseph Saba and Steward Winter co-founded VideoHelper, a production music company and website designed for people who hate production music. In addition to helping you search for music based on the emotion you are looking for, they’ve also created “scenarios,” to help speed your search for just the right music. They join us this week to talk about how to pick production music to truly enhance your production.

Bruce Nazarian, The Digital Guy, has a checkered past. At one time, he was a much-requested sideman in Detroit at the height of the Motown era. Now, he’s a music producer and host of his own jazz radio program. He’s also a regular on The Buzz and a great guy. We invited him back to give us his perspective on the whole issue of production music and how it’s used in post-production.

Bruno Munger, product manager for Digital Vision, helps design products that provide innovative image restoration, enhancement, color correction and other good stuff to networks, studios, and post-production facilities around the world. We want to talk with him this week about his products and whether they can be afforded, or even used, by mere mortals.

Philip Hodgetts, CEO of Intelligent Assistance, is another Buzz regular. But this time, he’s wearing his programming hat, since his company just released a mind-bending new program called “prEdit.” This new software allows us to edit video by looking at a text transcript, select exactly the clips we want, then export that transcript into a neatly edited Final Cut Pro sequence. Sounds a lot like magic to us; so we invited Philip back to tell us more about it.

You can’t find people or interviews like this anywhere else! It’s another fascinating show – all the information you need now to know what’s coming next!,

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