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Singular Software Announces Presto

New Singular Software Presto application automates the daunting task of piecing together presenter and slideshow, yielding professional videos that are easy to share

Singular Software, a developer of workflow automation applications for digital media markets, announced the availability of Singular Software Presto, a revolutionary new tool for creating presentation videos. Ideal for conference presentations, training sessions, and workshops, Singular Software Presto leverages sophisticated computer vision and audio synchronization techniques to automate the assembly of presenter footage, slideshow, and audio elements, creating a professional-looking video package in minutes instead of hours.

The Singular Software Presto step-by-step wizard lets users of all skill levels zip through the creative process, with simple output options to publish presentation videos to YouTube, iPad, DVD, and more. Users need only record video of the presenter and the projection screen, obtain the original slides, and optionally capture higher quality audio from the presenter’s microphone. In just minutes, Singular Software Presto automatically creates an attention-grabbing presentation that combines sharp and bright original slide images with a closely tracked inset of the presenter for a polished and engaging video.

Singular Software Presto Key Capabilities

  • Face-tracking technology keeps the presenter within an inset without requiring laborious manual tracking during the presentation; the camera recording the presenter can often be locked down.
  • Slideshow image-matching technology ensures that the slide transitions are timed exactly as they were during the presentation when Singular Software Presto replaces the imported projection screen video footage with high-quality slideshow images.
  • Singular Software Presto works with presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, and other programs.
  • A wide range of customizable slide transition effects and layout options are available to spice up the video.
  • Users can easily navigate through the finished video using markers that are automatically placed at each slide transition.
  • Singular Software Presto integrates with Singular Software PluralEyes to automatically synchronize the presenter video, projection screen video, and audio tracks.
  • Simple output options make it easy to prepare the video for distribution in all popular formats, including YouTube, iPad, iPod, and DVD.
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