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Switronix, Inc. Releases XP-ZOOM-5 and PB70-24

Switronix, Inc., a supplier of batteries and charging solutions in the professional film and video industry, has released the XP-ZOOM-5. The XP-ZOOm-5 is a Powertap to Zoom H4n connection 5V regulator cable. The cable allows the user to no longer be dependent on AA batteries to run the H4n. Simply plug the XP-Zoom-5 into one of the two powertaps on the PowerBase 70 anhd get nearly limitless runtime (the battery alone can run the H4N for 14hrs.)

Alongside the introduction of the XP-ZOOM-5, Switronix has released the PB70-24. The PB70-24 is a PowerBase 70 unit with a 24″ cable, making the PowerBase 70 more adaptable to various rig setups

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