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ToolsOnAir Introduces just:play 1.2

ToolsOnAir, makers of QuickTime-based applications for broadcast video production professionals, has announced the release of the version 1.2 update to just:play, a part of their highly acclaimed Broadcast Suite. The new update incorporates a host of innovative features that place the already powerful program even further into a class of its own.

The new just:play update includes enhancements to the program’s intuitive timeline-based interface, including improvements to drag-and-drop functionality and color coding options for easier organization. Version 1.2 also includes video-with-alpha support, making it easy to drop video clips from the library into a graphic track.

The just:play file menu now includes support for importing from Final Cut Pro’s XML playlist, creating a playlist file from any XML file saved in Final Cut. The program’s “Live Input” video offers a new Infinite Length option that can be enabled in the Inspector, as well as n+1 redundancy function that enables sharing a single redundant engine between multiple channels.

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