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Atomos Releases Ninja

Atomos, a new company in digital video solutions, is excited to announce the Atomos Ninja. This attractive external drive case has been designed in partnership with Apple and by-passes in-camera video compression to record pristine, uncompressed images straight from the HDMI connector of DSLR or camcorder directly to Apple ProRes. All while recording.

The Ninja implements Apple ProRes in hardware to give real-time, 10-bit recording anytime,
anywhere. It takes advantage of low-cost, modern technology by utilizing HDMI-capable pro-video
and consumer camcorders as well as DSLRs. Record directly to the Ninja on location in super high
quality, for the most streamlined, affordable Final Cut Pro workflow available today.

The Ninja uses ordinary, low-cost 2.5″ Notebook HDD or SSD hard drives which are housed
securely inside the Atomos Master Caddy and lock inside the Ninja. The drives are hot-swappable,
which means inserting new drives on the fly is a snap.

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