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GenArts Releases Sapphire 5 for Final Cut Pro

GenArts, a maker of visual effects software, announced the availability of Sapphire 5 for Final Cut Pro, Motion, and Final Cut Express. Sapphire 5 takes many of the existing favorite Sapphire effects and makes them drag-and-drop transitions, making them quick and easy-to-use. Sapphire 5 also features significant performance enhancements with GPU acceleration, providing faster render speeds than ever before.

Time Saving Transitions: Sapphire 5 provides over 40 high-quality transition effects that feature convenient drag-on controls for FCP, making building transitions easier than ever, including new transitions that use LensFlares, EdgeRays, and Glints to dissolve between layers.

Greater Creativity: Sapphire 5 offers all of the must have effects like glows and lens flares plus a host of film effects, warps, color correction, and stylize plug-ins to enable a level of creativity that sets one’s work apart.

Enhanced Productivity: Sapphire 5 provides GPU acceleration for lightning-fast render speeds and full interactivity at HD resolutions.

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