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D P Buzz – Digital Video Expo – Day 3

The Expo Continues

The show floor at Digital Video Expo 2010 has closed and the vendors have gone home, but we still have LOTS of interviews to share with you.

Join host Larry Jordan, live from our booth on the show floor, as he talks with:

  • Sonali Perera, vp of marketing, and Ryan Stickley, director of marketing, for the Independent Filmmakers Alliance. This group of over 75,000 members exists to help filmmakers around the world find the resources they need for their productions.
  • Patrick Sculley, chief technology officer for PixelFlow, explains how their cloud-based video production service can save time and improve communications during production.
  • Bruce Nazarian, The Digital Guy, is a regular on The Buzz. He shares his opinions on new trends in technology and the relevance of trade shows in the world of the internet.
  • Chris Bone is the chief technology officer for VTP which provides sales, support, and training on high-end video and audio software and hardware. He discusses the role of manufacturer’s reps in rolling out new products.
  • Jay Holben, CEO for Filmmaker in a Box, just completed a 17 hour documentary on the making of a feature film. Why? Because he wants to use it as a case study to train future filmmakers.
  • Alex Baghdasaryan, CEO of IIG, provides a software system for equipment rental houses that he is bringing to the media community.
  • Brian Dickman, vp of sales and marketing for Smartsound Software, discusses the challenges of working with music, along with the latest updates to their renowned SonicFire Pro software.
  • Van Tucker, CEO of DV Culture, looks at the culture created by digital media. He began his website a few months ago and aggressively markets it through social media. We talk with him about what works and what doesn’t.

These Digital Video Expo special reports are sponsored by Data Robotics, makers of Drobo, and we are grateful!

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