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CamCage Systems Introduces the CamCage Mini

CamCage Systems has introduced a new camera cage called the CamCage Mini. The CamCage Mini gives camcorders smooth, rounded handles as well as an open accessory platform.

The all aluminum construction features a cage that surrounds the camera and allows complete flexibility in shooting positions and styles. The CamCage Mini is ideal for extreme sports, such as skating, diving, surfing or any action filming with camera movement. The curved handles have incredible strength and great grip feel to inspire confidence in the field or studio.

The CamCage Mini’s unique design allows for easy customization and expansion. It can be used to hold shotgun microphones, lights, monitors, transmitters, zoom controllers, sound recording equipment or any other accessory that fits a 1/4 inch bolt or a one inch tube. The CamCage Mini is an open platform.

The CamCage Mini was designed, machined and built in Burbank, California to Aerospace specifications and is being produced in small runs to maintain the highest quality standards.


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