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ikan Introduces Shoulder Mount Deluxe

ikan announced an addition to its Elements line of DSLR fly kit configurations,the Elements Shoulder Mount Deluxe. This unit latches securely to the users shoulder utilizing two adjustable clamp pads for locked-in stability while the included foam grips provide uncompromised control. Two durable, 15mm rods are the base for a reliable shooting foundation provided by a 15mm rail mount and cheese plate offering 62mm spacing, ¼ 20, 3/8 and 4mm receiver slots for DSLR compatibility. The Shoulder Mount Deluxe offers a variety of rear loaded receiver slots for multiple mounting options including ¼ 20, 3/8, 4mm and 100mm VESA. With an array of accessory mounting combinations, i.e. DSLR device, monitor, battery plate, tripod mount and an ikan HDMI-HD-SDI converter box, the ikan Elements Shoulder Mount Deluxe will immediately become a video professional’s most resourceful tool providing hours of comfortable shooting.

The ikan Elements Stereoscope Deluxe is the perfect shooting platform for stereoscopic 3D video production. This tool allows users to mount two small to mid-sized cameras on an adjustable configuration utilizing 15mm rods and dual platforms to align the two image capture devices at precise distances to successfully shoot stereo 3D images. With the simple addition of 2 foam grips to a Stereoscope basic kit, users have successfully upgraded their rig with the ability to shoot stereoscopic 3D video anywhere. Separate from a user’s tripod with confidence and experience the limitless possibilities of ikan’s Elements Stereoscope Deluxe! With the rapid expansion of 3D-ready cameras, such as Canon’s XF100 and XF105 cameras, and post-production software ready to handle the workflow, such as Adobe Creative Suite 5, the Elements Stereoscope can become the go-to choice for shooting affordable, post-process ready stereoscope 3D.Most 3D Camera platforms do just that… provide a base for shooting 3D video.

But the Elements Stereoscope Deluxe is so much more. Because of the completely modular nature of the Elements line, a Stereoscope rig is also a 15mm rod-based camera support system. The 15mm rods, cheese plates, rod mounts and the tripod mount can all be utilized to create the base for a camera. And with just a few extra pieces, users can create nearly any other Elements configuration.

Finally, users can have the extention rig with the same quality and reliability they have come to expect from the Elements line with the ikan Shoulder Stock. This simple, light weight configuration provides the ability to move quickly and effeciently to any position while utilizing the shooters body for added stability. The provided rail mount and cheese plate ensures that a DSLR device will be soundly secured while the included adjustable foam grip offers persice control.

Now users can be hands on while going hands off with ikan’s new Elements Fly Series configuration…the ikan Finger Ling. With one touch of a finger a user can manipulate any light weight lens for more personal control of a DSLR rig. This easy to use, versatile tool will quickly become a valuable addition to any HD shooting arsenal. Whether on location or in the studio, the ikan Elements Finger Ling offers a simple shooting solution for any situation.

Designed with users in mind, the Elements line is everything users love about camera support, only lighter, smaller and simplified. With the Elements, users aren’t bound to someone else’s vision. Users can customize a camera rig exactly the way they want it. ikan understands one size does not fit all in regards to camera rigs or operators. ikan created the Elements line to be customizable in an infinite number of ways so users get the features they need at the price they want.

New Elements Configurations:

  • ELE-SB2DK Stereoscope Deluxe
  • ELE-SHS Shoulder Stock
  • ELE-FGL Fingerling
  • ELE-SMB Shoulder Mount Basic
  • ELE-SMD Shoulder Mount Deluxe

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