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Panasonic Introduces AG-MSU10 Portable P2 Media Storage Unit

Tired of having to use a computer or larger, more expensive appliance in the field for backup? The new, handheld AG-MSU10 P2 Media Storage Unit simplifies backing-up P2 content, and eliminates the need for a PC or larger device. The MSU10 will quickly free up P2 cards so users can continue shooting.

Panasonic also offers users the choice of buying the storage unit without a drive (MSU10) or preconfigured with a 256GB enterprise-class solid-state drive (MSU10-SSD) or with a 500GB enterprise-class hard disk drive (MSU10-HDD).

The easily-transportable MSU10 boasts a small form factor with two slots: one for a P2 card, and the second for the AG-MBX10 tray, which supports a 2.5″ solid-state or hard drive (see pre-configured packages ) for back-up. To work in multiple workflows, the MSU10 includes USB 2.0 and eSATA interfaces for easy connection to NLEs, including PCs and Macs, to expedite editing. The P2 Media Storage Unit also offers the flexibility of AC or battery operation

The unit features a 3.2″ LCD screen and simple one-touch operation. It provides P2 thumbnail display and supports master-quality 10-bit AVC-Intra (100/50) and DVCPRO HD, DVCPRO50, DVCPRO and DV recording formats. Content is transferred from a P2 card to the solid-state drive at four times real-time when recording in AVC-Intra 100 or DVCPRO HD.

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Singular Software PluralEyes Release Adds Support for Sony Vegas Pro 10

Singular Software, developer of workflow automation applications for digital media, is pleased to announce that its flagship product PluralEyes is now available for Sony Vegas Pro 10. The recently released Sony Vegas Pro 10 editing suite contains a variety of groundbreaking enhancements including a fully customizable workspace, stereoscopic 3D editing capabilities, updated audio controls, native support for professional camcorder formats, Blu-ray disk authoring options, and more.

The multi award-winning PluralEyes, with added support for Sony Vegas Pro 10, provides users with all of the same unique product features for managing multi-camera, multi-take, and dual-system audio productions. PluralEyes for Sony Vegas Pro 10 feature highlights include several options to sync from scratch or update sync with additional clips.

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Gridiron Announces Free Download of Flow 2.0 Essentials

Included in FREE download:

  • Effortless and efficient project management
  • Quick search options to locate files
  • Visual representation of workflow and file relationships
  • Easy and effective collaboration with team members
  • PLUS 4GB free online storage!!!

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OptiTrack Announces Worldwide Availability of S250e Ethernet Motion Capture Camera

Today marks the immediate availability of OptiTrack’s high-performance motion capture camera, the S250e. Providing exceptional speed and precision in a highly compact form factor, the S250e is the first full-featured Ethernet motion capture camera in the world for under $2,000 USD.

The S250e boasts 250 FPS capture, SVGA resolution, expansive field of view, on-board image processing, software-controlled IR filter switching, and some of the most advanced M12 lenses in the world – all housed in a compact aluminum and soft-touch polycarbonate case.

First demonstrated at SIGGRAPH 2010, the S250e is designed to serve the film, broadcast, game cinematics, sports training, military and defense, biomechanics, and university research industries.

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Gefen Announces GefenTV Auto Volume Stabilizer

Digital connectivity solutions provider Gefen today announced its GefenTV Auto Volume Stabilizer with Digital Audio Decoder is currently shipping. This new model offers the same functionality as the Auto Volume Stabilizer and adds digital to analog audio decoding for increased compatibility with stereo systems.

Dolby Volume technology is employed so listeners can enjoy the same audio levels when watching TV or listening to music. Noticeable audio spikes and drops are eliminated, delivering a steady stream of audio for a more consistent listening experience. The automated functionality means no more manual adjustment of volume on the remote control. A bypass button is also included for any circumstance in which automatic stabilizing is not required.

Three audio selections are provided. Inputs and outputs support both digital (TOSlink, S/PDIF) and analog (L/R) audio formats. Users can select from all three connected devices at the same time, for added convenience. Surround sound systems using Dolby 5.1 such as Blu-rays, DVDs and games are all supported. Audio can be mixed down from 5.1 to left/right analog audio using Dolby AC3 decoding. Audio formats can also be passed through in the same digital and/or analog format.

Installation requires a simple connection of the GefenTV Auto Volume Stabilizer with Digital Audio Decoder in between three audio sources and the A/V receiver. An included IR remote makes source selection easy though a front-panel button can be used for source selection.

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Intelligent Assistance Announces "Is Clip Used?"

Intelligent Assistance’s CEO Philip Hodgetts announced the latest addition to the Final Cut Pro utilities family is “Is Clip Used?”, a simple utility to update Clip information with details about which Sequence (or Sequences) that the Clip is used in. Is Clip Used? adds a menu bar item so that the Used status can be updated without leaving Final Cut Pro.

The idea for “Is Clip Used?” came from the Los Angeles Final Cut Pro User Group FCP Feature Requests forum where it was a regularly requested feature.

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ikan Introduces Shoulder Mount Deluxe

ikan announced an addition to its Elements line of DSLR fly kit configurations,the Elements Shoulder Mount Deluxe. This unit latches securely to the users shoulder utilizing two adjustable clamp pads for locked-in stability while the included foam grips provide uncompromised control. Two durable, 15mm rods are the base for a reliable shooting foundation provided by a 15mm rail mount and cheese plate offering 62mm spacing, ¼ 20, 3/8 and 4mm receiver slots for DSLR compatibility. The Shoulder Mount Deluxe offers a variety of rear loaded receiver slots for multiple mounting options including ¼ 20, 3/8, 4mm and 100mm VESA. With an array of accessory mounting combinations, i.e. DSLR device, monitor, battery plate, tripod mount and an ikan HDMI-HD-SDI converter box, the ikan Elements Shoulder Mount Deluxe will immediately become a video professional’s most resourceful tool providing hours of comfortable shooting.

The ikan Elements Stereoscope Deluxe is the perfect shooting platform for stereoscopic 3D video production. This tool allows users to mount two small to mid-sized cameras on an adjustable configuration utilizing 15mm rods and dual platforms to align the two image capture devices at precise distances to successfully shoot stereo 3D images. With the simple addition of 2 foam grips to a Stereoscope basic kit, users have successfully upgraded their rig with the ability to shoot stereoscopic 3D video anywhere. Separate from a user’s tripod with confidence and experience the limitless possibilities of ikan’s Elements Stereoscope Deluxe! With the rapid expansion of 3D-ready cameras, such as Canon’s XF100 and XF105 cameras, and post-production software ready to handle the workflow, such as Adobe Creative Suite 5, the Elements Stereoscope can become the go-to choice for shooting affordable, post-process ready stereoscope 3D.Most 3D Camera platforms do just that… provide a base for shooting 3D video.

But the Elements Stereoscope Deluxe is so much more. Because of the completely modular nature of the Elements line, a Stereoscope rig is also a 15mm rod-based camera support system. The 15mm rods, cheese plates, rod mounts and the tripod mount can all be utilized to create the base for a camera. And with just a few extra pieces, users can create nearly any other Elements configuration.

Finally, users can have the extention rig with the same quality and reliability they have come to expect from the Elements line with the ikan Shoulder Stock. This simple, light weight configuration provides the ability to move quickly and effeciently to any position while utilizing the shooters body for added stability. The provided rail mount and cheese plate ensures that a DSLR device will be soundly secured while the included adjustable foam grip offers persice control.

Now users can be hands on while going hands off with ikan’s new Elements Fly Series configuration…the ikan Finger Ling. With one touch of a finger a user can manipulate any light weight lens for more personal control of a DSLR rig. This easy to use, versatile tool will quickly become a valuable addition to any HD shooting arsenal. Whether on location or in the studio, the ikan Elements Finger Ling offers a simple shooting solution for any situation.

Designed with users in mind, the Elements line is everything users love about camera support, only lighter, smaller and simplified. With the Elements, users aren’t bound to someone else’s vision. Users can customize a camera rig exactly the way they want it. ikan understands one size does not fit all in regards to camera rigs or operators. ikan created the Elements line to be customizable in an infinite number of ways so users get the features they need at the price they want.

New Elements Configurations:

  • ELE-SB2DK Stereoscope Deluxe
  • ELE-SHS Shoulder Stock
  • ELE-FGL Fingerling
  • ELE-SMB Shoulder Mount Basic
  • ELE-SMD Shoulder Mount Deluxe

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Data Robotics Updates Drobo S

Data Robotics, makers of Drobo, announced the arrival of an all-new Drobo S.

The NEW Drobo S five-drive storage array keeps all of the performance and features users need, and is enhanced with a triple interface that now includes USB 3.0 along with eSATA and FireWire 800.

Breakthrough features and benefits delivered by the new Drobo S include:

  • The most expandable USB 3.0 product in the market, with “industry first” support for multiple storage volumes and capacity of up to 32TB and beyond
  • Accelerated performance that is up to 10X faster than existing USB 2.0 solutions
  • Enhanced backwards compatibility with USB 2.0 systems (laptops, PCs and servers) to provide further investment protection and “future-proofing

Drobo invites everyone to join them on November 18th, 2pmPST, for a live online seminar to learn more about how Drobo S can be a perfect fit in any environment.

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Data Robotics Announces Drobo Sync

Data Robotics, makers of Drobo, announced the immediate availability of Drobo Sync, an easy to use remote backup software, for its new DroboPro FS product family. Drobo Sync is the first offsite backup solution that can be configured in just minutes with a few mouse clicks, and is included free with every DroboPro FS.

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Pond5 Now Offers Adobe After Effects Project Templates

Pond5, an online marketplace for stock media, today announced it has added Adobe After Effects project templates to its existing collection, which includes the web’s largest selection of royalty-free stock video footage, and a full range of sound effects and production music. Now, After Effects users can save precious production time by tapping into Pond5’s cache of high-quality motion graphics templates and easily customizing them for a truly unique, professional-level end product.

For many After Effects motion graphics artists, meeting customer demands for a high-quality product in a short amount of time poses quite a challenge, especially since the creation of motion graphics is a time-intensive process requiring considerable skill. By downloading a Pond5 After Effects template and customizing it to meet their client’s messaging and branding requirements, users can sidestep these roadblocks to deliver a truly one-of-a-kind finished product on time.

The Pond5 After Effects collection is growing daily, and currently includes more than 140 dynamic templates from which to choose. A copy of Adobe After Effects software and a basic familiarity with it are all that are needed to use the project templates and deliver stunning, professional-level work.

After Effects projects benefits include:

Access to:

  • a fast growing collection of high-quality, pre-made motion graphic templates that can be easily customized with users’ own text, graphics, video, audio and other elements
  • project files that cover a wide range of motion graphics needs, including advertisements, bumpers, show intros, credit sequences, video overlays and more.

Ability to:

  • search for, preview, purchase and download AE templates instantly and directly from the website
  • create one-of-a-kind, professional-level visuals, leveraging the tricks and techniques of the pros
  • dramatically reduce project time and cost

As with more than 500,000 royalty-free stock video and audio clips available on Pond5, AE projects are easily searchable, and are delivered directly from the website after purchase. Stock video, music and sound effects from Pond5 can be licensed separately and integrated into the projects as well.

A Call to After Effects Artists: Upload and Sell Your Work!

Pond5, a “creator to creator” marketplace for stock media, is now accepting submissions of professional-quality After Effects templates. As with video and audio on Pond5, the model is straightforward and artist-friendly: Contributing artists upload their content at no cost, set the prices themselves and earn 50 percent of the license fee each time their content is purchased. Pond5 reviews all submitted work to check quality and technical specifications. More details about uploading projects are available on Pond5’s After Effects upload specifications page.

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