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EditShare Takes Next Step Toward Lightworks Open Source

EditShare, a maker of cross platform collaborative editing and shared media storage, announced the first step in the roll out of Lightworks Open Source. The free Lightworks 2010 Public Beta download is available to all interested participants. Now anyone can familiarize themselves with the Lightworks editing system and view the new features and enhancements that have transformed Lightworks into the industry’s most advanced editing solution.

Academy and Emmy award-winning Lightworks was introduced in 1989 as the first and most advanced professional editing system on the market. Its intuitive controls, real-time synchronization, and editing features remain unmatched by top industry alternatives.

Lightworks 2010 Public Beta – Free download features include:

Capture and Playback

  • Edit While Capture, Firewire, SD (analogue and digital), HD-SDI with optional I/O cards
  • Full-screen, real-time SD, HD, and 2K preview playback on desktop display, Dual HD-SDI and DVI for Stereoscopic playback


  • Resolution, format and codec independent edits
  • Edit at 23.976, true 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 50, or 60
  • Advanced multi-cam editing with unlimited sources


  • Real-time effects in SD, HD and 2K
  • Field or Frame based varispeed
  • Key frame graphs
  • Effects Layers with node-based layering tool
  • Multiple real-time Primary and Secondary color correctors


  • Multi-track Audio Mixer with full bus routing and multiple mixes
  • Customization templates for Avid and Final Cut Pro shortcuts
  • Voice Over tool for adding narration directly to edit
  • Shot Sync – sync two sources for playback comparison
  • Customizable BITC timecode and film footage overlays


  • Support for 35mm 3-perf, 35mm 4-perf, and 16mm-20 and mixed film formats
  • View feet and frames in edit
  • View keycode and ink number
  • 24-fps EDL import, export and conversion to and from 29.97 fps
  • Import ALE, FLX, and CSV files
  • Cut list, Change list, Optical list, Pull list, Dupe list

3rd-Party Support

  • Inscriber Titlemotion, Boris, Combustion, After Effects, Premiere Plug-ins, Sapphire, Digital Fusion
  • Support for any application that can exchange AVI, MXF and QuickTime files


  • Advanced Shared Projects with real-time review*

I/O Support

  • Avid DNxHD*, Apple ProRes*, RED R3D*, AVC-Intra*, AVCHD*, H.264, XDCAM HD*, XDCAM EX* DPX*, DV, DV50, DV100, P2, Uncompressed, OMF, AAF
  • QuickTime, MXF Op-Atom, MXF Op1a, AVI
  • Telecine 29.97i to 24p pull down removal
  • 30fps and 25fps import to 24fps project
  • Stereoscopic support for independent Left and Right files*

New features include:

  • New and intuitive User Interface
  • Avid and Final Cut Pro keyboard shortcut preferences
  • New Style ‘Bins’
  • On screen console controls
  • Full screen video on single or secondary displays
  • Advanced Project Sharing*
  • Native support for ProRes, Avid DNxHD and AVC-Intra*
  • Native support for RED R3D files and RED ROCKET cards*
  • 10-bit and 16-bit DPX support*
  • H.264 and AVCHD support for DSLR cameras*
  • Stereoscopic import and editorial support*
  • Stereoscopic output through SDI and DVI (dual stream, side by side, anaglyph)**
  • Native 2K resolution support
  • Output through DVI in different resolutions up to 2K
  • New project browser
  • Windows Vista (32-bit), Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit) and Windows XP SP2 (32-bit) support

*Options available through the Lightworks Store

** SDI Output requires optional I/O hardware

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