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Archiware and Hamburg Pro Media Collaborate on PresSTORE

Data management specialists, Archiware, have teamed with video software experts, Hamburg Pro Media, to create a customized archiving solution for professional video and broadcast data.

Utilizing the industry-standard MXF (Material eXchange Format), an open and non proprietary data format for video and broadcast technologies, this new archiving concept represents a powerful and accessible resource for video production and broadcast professionals.

Archiware’s PresSTORE offers a host of features for easy and accessible storage and retrieval of video data, making it one of the most popular choices for broadcast video production. Combined with Hamburg Pro Audio’s “MXF Import QT” QuickTime application, it enables broadcast facilities to quickly and easily preview files for immediate access.

Archiware’s PresSTORE Archive offers dual modes for displaying previews: LoRes in proxy overview, or HiRes in media view, integrating MXF’s preview support through its ‘Import QT’ component. Additionally, MXF’s format is natively supported by popular applications like Final Cut Studio and Final Cut Server, as well as across the entire industry-standard Mac OS operating system, making format conversions a thing of the past.

Data searches can be conducted using file name, modification date or archive date. Additionally, metadata defined within PresSTORE make searches more efficient.

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