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Boinx Software Announces BoinxTV Home

Boinx Software announced the availability of the brand new BoinxTV Home, live-video production software that makes users the stars of their own YouTube videos, exclusively at the Mac App Store. BoinxTV Home, which turns your home into your very own professional TV studio for the real-time creation web videos.

Spice Up Homemade YouTube Videos

BoinxTV Home spices up videos with its use of creative tools such as lower thirds, to adding text and titles, tickers, green screen backgrounds, and more on video captured live by a camera, such as the one built right into your Mac, at a resolution of up to 960×540. A revolutionary new concept for the creation of YouTube videos, BoinxTV Home allows users to edit their videos in real-time, while recording. This eliminates the tedious post-production process usually required to add effects to a video. BoinxTV Home allows the simultaneous use of up to 15 layers for the quick and easy rendering of your video. Once rendering is complete, users can upload their videos directly to their YouTube accounts.

BoinxTV Home shares many of the same features as its big brother, BoinxTV, the professional live-video “broadcast truck without the truck” solution. In contrast to BoinxTV Home, BoinxTV features support for multiple cameras, unlimited layers and resolutions higher than 960×540.

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