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Digital Production Buzz — Jan. 27, 2011

Catherine Buresi, Marilee Potthoff, Kristin Frascione, and Jonathan Handel

HEADLINES: More on the 2011 European Film Market, protecting your hearing, editing for National Geographic, and are AFTRA and SAG really merging?? — all this, and The Buzz Shout-out!, on this week’s show!

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This week’s episode of the world’s only interactive talk radio program covering Digital Production, Post-Production and Distribution is filled with information and entertainment designed for the independent filmmaker or industry professional.

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Join host Larry Jordanas he talks with:

Catherine Buresi, Co-Director, European Film Market

Last week, we spoke with Catherine Buresi, co-director of the European Film Market, about the difference between a Film Festival and a Film Market. (A Market is where filmmakers go to sell their films.) The European Film Market is the third-largest film market in the world, running next month in Berlin, Germany. This week, we talk with her about the specific programs they have to help filmmakers make the most of their sales opportunities.

Marilee J. Potthoff, Director of Community Education and Outreach, House Ear Institute

Do your ears ring? Do you have to ask people to repeat themselves? Do you work in a noisy environment? Anyone working with sound is risking hearing impairment and we’ve invited Marilee J. Potthoff, Director of Community Education and Outreach at the House Ear Institute to give us some guidance on everything from how to measure risk to picking the right headphones.

Kristin M. Frascione, Free-lance Editor

Ever wondered what it would be like to work at a network like National Geographic? Kristin M. Frascione has over twenty years of experience in the film and video business, as an editor on both non-linear digital (including AVID, DV Express, AVID Symphony, Final Cut Pro and Media 100), linear and non-linear analog systems. She has worked on award-winning documentaries, dramatic films, and industrials for clients including National Geographic, the Discovery Channel, HGTV, and the Smithsonian. We have lots of questions for her about deliverables and schedules on a network reality/documentary show.

Jonathan Handel, Entertainment Labor Reporter, Hollywood Reporter

He covers entertainment labor for the Hollywood Reporter and both labor and legal issues for The Buzz. Jonathan Handel, Of Counsel at Troy/Gould in Los Angeles, returns with a look at the rumored merger between SAG and AFTRA, the upcoming Writers Guild negotiations, and other “gossip from the guilds.” Cool stuff – don’t miss it!

You can’t find people or interviews like this anywhere else! It’s another fascinating show.
It’s all the information you need now to know what’s coming next!

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