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Digital Production Buzz — Feb. 3, 2011

Lance Maurer, Bill Macomber, Alfred Holighaus, and Philip Hodgetts

HEADLINES: The New Mexico Post Alliance, surviving as a boutique post house, meet LOLA – Germany’s Oscar, and WebM, H.264, and HTML/5 explained — all this, plus a NEW Buzz Shout-out!, on this week’s show!

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This week’s episode of the world’s only interactive talk radio program covering Digital Production, Post-Production and Distribution is filled with information and entertainment designed for the independent filmmaker or industry professional.

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Join host Larry Jordan and co-host Michael Horton, as they talk with:

Lance Maurer, Founder/CEO, Cinnafilm, and Co-chair New Mexico Post Alliance 2011 Conference

Lance Maurer is the founder, president and CEO of Cinnafilm, Inc. – an Albuquerque, New Mexico-based specialty engineering company focused on creating the most powerful, reliable and simple to use texture control and resampling image processing solutions for creative professionals working in the film and broadcast postproduction markets. However, he’s also the Co-chair of the New Mexico Post Alliance 2011 Conference. The New Mexico Post Alliance is a professional organization founded by members of New Mexico’s post-production community for networking, promotion of the industry and advocacy of industry interests. This is very new and we want to learn more.

Bill Macomber, Principal, Fancy Film Post Production

Bill Macomber graduated from film school in 1996, and moved to Los Angeles to follow his dreams of working in the film industry. He quickly made a name for himself as a top Final Cut reality editor. Before long, he set up Fancy Film Post Production, a boutique post house in the Silver Lake neighborhood of LA.  With a small crew of staff editors and assistants, the company has redefined “boutique.”  In an era that has seen the spectacular collapse of several of the biggest post facilities, Fancy Film is busier than ever. We want to learn how he did it.

Alfred Holighaus, Managing Director, German Film Academy

Alfred Holighaus is the managing director of the German Film Academy, which is the German equivalent of the American Academy Awards. Lola is the German version of the American Oscars, so we spoke with him to learn more about his awards program this year.

Philip Hodgetts, CEO, Intelligent Assistance

Regular Buzz Correspondent, Philip Hodgetts, is the CEO of Intelligent Assistance. This week, Philip stops by to give us a quick backgrounder on the differences between competing compression standards WebM and H.264, then explain how HTML/5 fits into this whole mess.

You can’t find people or interviews like this anywhere else! It’s another fascinating show.
It’s all the information you need now to know what’s coming next!

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