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Harmonic Launches Omneon MediaPort 7000 Series

Harmonic Inc. announced the release of the new Omneon MediaPort 7000 series of video I/O modules for the Omneon Spectrum media server system. In a single, highly configurable unit, the MediaPort 7000 delivers new multicodec support with enhanced media processing functionality to streamline playout workflows and simplify the transition to HD.

The MediaPort 7000 series enables the Spectrum video server simultaneously to support an industry-leading range of codecs, formats, frame-rates, and resolutions along with fully integrated up-, down-, and cross-conversion and simulcast SD and HD outputs for every channel. The units are available in two- or four-channel configurations and utilize a slot-based form factor that allows simple addition of channels to existing systems without disrupting on-air operations.

The new generation MediaPort 7000 series delivers a number of features common across all product configurations:

  • Full SD and HD back-to-back DV and MPEG-2 playback in any combination
  • Optional support for additional codecs, such as AVC-Intra, playable back-to-back with DV and MPEG-2
  • SD up-conversion, HD down-conversion, and 1080i/720p cross-conversion on every channel, regardless of media codec
  • Simultaneous SDI and HD-SDI outputs for every channel, regardless of media codec with no reduction in channel count or extra system load
  • 1-RU frame with dual hot-pluggable power supplies and support for one or two hot-pluggable dual-channel video modules for maximum flexibility and serviceability.

The first two specific product configurations are the MediaPort 7100 and the MediaPort 7600:

  • MediaPort 7100: SD/HD DV record/play; SD/HD MPEG-2 play; up-, down-, cross-conversion, HD and SD outputs for each channel; frame-accurate back-to-back playback of all supported codecs
  • MediaPort 7600: All of the functionality of the MediaPort 7100 plus the addition of AVC-Intra record/play; frame-accurate back-to-back playback of all supported codecs.

With industry-leading density (four independent channels per RU) the MediaPort 7000 series provides both power and space savings. Supporting growth in two-channel increments, the series allows broadcasters to start small and expand according to their budgets and needs.

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