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Sound Devices to Introduce CL-WIFI at NAB Show 2011

Sound Devices will introduce the latest hardware accessory for its best-selling 788T Digital Recorders, the new CL-WIFI, at NAB 2011 (Booth C2946). The CL-WIFI allows users to control the already powerful 788T from anywhere on set.

The CL-WIFI works together with its companion iOS software app to allow iPads, iPhones and iPod Touches to control a connected 788T. The CL-WIFI turns an iOS device into a simple, portable control surface that allows a sound mixer to move around on set, away from the sound cart, yet still have extensive control and monitoring of their 788T recording system.

The hardware CL-WIFI is a Wi-Fi access point, when the iOS device connects to it over Wi-Fi. The CL-WIFI app then uses the Wi-Fi connection to communicate with the 788T. The iOS app controls metering of 788T input and track levels, time code, file length, frame rate display and record start/stop control input-to-track routing enabling take list and take name editing.

Sound Devices’ 788T digital audio recorder is designed specifically for multi-track, on-location productions and features a significant expansion of input and output capability with eight full-featured microphone inputs and 12 tracks of recording. In a stainless-steel and aluminum chassis weighing less than four pounds and roughly the size of a hard-covered novel, the 788T accommodates individual controls and connectors for each of its eight inputs, plus numerous additional I/O and data connections.

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Stereobank Launches the First Lifestyle 3D Stock Footage Marketplace

Stereobank is a stock footage marketplace where 3D-TV producers, advertisers or device manufacturers can find stereoscopic video clips for their 3D-film projects.

Stereobank gathered worldwide filmmakers to produce high quality 3D content ready to be broadcasted on television or played on glasses-free 3D devices.

The 3D lifestyle and sport collections are leading the market and can be previewed on any monitors thanks to the versatile player of

The team will be at NAB 2011, next April in Las Vegas, in the Content Central.

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Digital Rapids Announces NAB Show 2011 Preview

Digital Rapids is a company that connects content to opportunity, providing the leading tools, technology and expertise for bringing live and on-demand video to wider audiences and the latest viewing platforms. Digital Rapids is bringing its complete range of tools and solutions for transforming and distributing media to the 2011 NAB Show, in booth number SL6010 (Lower South Hall).

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Blackmagic Announces Updates to DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve 7.1 now adds clustered multi GPU processing to Mac OS X systems, improved support for Tangent Wave control panels, support for the JL Cooper Eclipse CX control panel and new file formats and codecs including support for Arri Alexa ARRIRAW, Phantom Cine, high dynamic range OpenEXR and more.

Current DaVinci Resolve customers can download this new update at no charge.

New features include:

  • Multi GPU support on Mac OS X. Now Mac OS X users can see a massive improvement in processing power by installing more than one high performance GPU card. This gives users super computer processing power, and it’s amazing to see how many corrections can be done all in real time, even when grading direct from raw camera files such as RED or Arri.
  • Support for expansion chassis allows to install additional storage, video capture cards, multiple Nvidia Quadro 4000 GPU processing cards, and Red Rocket cards.
  • Supported in this release are additional third party control panels including more menus on the Tangent Wave control surface including menus for stereoscopic 3D and version controls, individual adjustments for curves and image clipping, direct access to stills and memories and new keyer controls for post mixing offsets.
  • DaVinci Resolve 7.1 now adds support for the JL Cooper Eclipse CX control surface as well.
  • Another one of the big improvements in this new DaVinci Resolve 7.1 update includes a wide range of new file format and codec support for the latest professional cameras and scanners.
  • New file formats include native real time support for Arri Alexa ARRIRAW and D-21 ARRIRAW, Phantom Cine files, OpenEXR in uncompressed and compressed formats, Sony MPEG-4 SStP (Simple Studio Profile) and Sony XDCAM files in QuickTime format. Even if users just used DaVinci Resolve as a simple converter from raw camera files to other formats it would be good value! It reads virtually everything!

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Boinx Software Announces PhotoPresenter 4.1

Boinx Software announced the availability of PhotoPresenter 4.1, the company’s award-winning template-based photo viewer, at the Mac App Store. Riding along the current of social media trends, PhotoPresenter 4.1 integrates with Facebook for complete access to photo albums, as well as Facebook friends’ shared albums. Facebook albums instantly appear in the PhotoPresenter interface for easy access and quick compilation of photo slideshows. Once slideshows are complete, a brand new export to iPad feature allows users to share finished work with friends and family on a sleek presentation platform.

PhotoPresenter also integrates with all iApps on the Mac platform, including iTunes, iDVD, iWeb, iPhoto, Photo Booth and Aperture. Flickr users are also able to access photos from their own photo stream as well as friends’ shared images. Users can also add movies and music to spice up any presentation.

PhotoPresenter highlights include:

  • PhotoPresenter includes more than three-dozen high-quality themes that let users quickly create animated slideshows with amazing effects. Each theme has its own settings to configure to specific needs.
  • PhotoPresenter allows users to share slideshow masterpieces as standalone players, so every Mac user can enjoy the show at the highest possible quality without having to install PhotoPresenter.
  • Users can add custom watermarks to work to show where it came from. Professional photographers can also display their copyright notice or their logo and web address.
  • PhotoPresenter has smart album awareness, recognizing changes in Flickr and Facebook Groups and Settings, as well as in iPhoto’s or Aperture’s Smart Albums. This is the fastest way to keep a slideshow up-to-date automatically.

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Shotoku Broadcast Systems Builds on Successful Robotic Control Systems

Shotoku Broadcast Systems, international manufacturer of a full line of camera support equipment, is introducing enhancements to its control systems that meet the needs of a wide range of facilities. The latest releases of the Company’s popular TR-T Touch Control System, CMC camera motion controller will be demonstrated at NAB 2011 in Booth C 8528. Shotoku will also highlight its new Digiport Third-Party Expansion unit that seamlessly integrates with third-party products to expand the capability of the integrated remote camera system.

Latest Release of TR-T Touch Control System:

Continuing to build on the success of the TR-T touch control systems, Shotoku announces the latest release of TR-T system software. The new release enhances numerous areas of the system operation to meet the demands of customers seeking larger, more complex facility-wide installations. Increasingly, large operations require ultimate flexibility to enable any control system in any location to rapidly re-configure for control of cameras and studios in other physical locations. The TR-T system has always supported this functionality but now makes the task of re-configuration even easier and quicker.

The TR-T system is not just for large scale operations however, smaller systems will also benefit from the many added features aimed at making day-to-day operation easier. Automated functions allow precise control over shot recall, with minimal intervention, enabling an operator to truly multi-task, without losing any of the on-air flexibility normally associated with dedicated camera operators.

Latest Release of CMC camera Motion Controller:

Along with TR-T updates Shotoku have enhanced the performance of the Camera Motion Controller (CMC) making the self-contained head, height and lens controller even more flexible in terms of remote configuration and support for interfaces to all types of lenses. Customers may use any type (e.g. ENG/Studio/SD/HD/Analogue/Serial), of any age and manufacturer of lens. Regardless of the interface used the CMC is easily configured to match the installed lens, and can be customer-adjusted to support a change of lens in future.

Digiport Third-Party Expansion:

Digiport enables any Shotoku control system to seamlessly integrate with numerous third-party sun-systems and devices. Thus further expanding the capability of the integrated remote camera system. DigiPort has the ability to control a wide range of third party systems ranging from legacy Radamec Broadcast Systems robotic systems to rail track cameras and specialist outdoor heads. Connection to third party devices may be via Serial (232/422) or TCP/IP Ethernet enabling virtually any openly-controllable product to be integrated with the system.

Digiport is remotely configured via a dedicated web-browser interface to define the type and scope of control available from the Shotoku system. The small and simple device uses Power-over-Ethernet technology making connectivity simple and convenient.

TR-HP Hot Panel:

The very latest control panel from Shotoku, the TR-HP, is ideal for highly cost effective single-operator productions where stored camera positions may be recalled automatically, with final on-air framing made by a single, multi-tasking operator. The panel offers a uniquely small footprint while maintaining high-precision joystick control. The three-axis joystick and rotary control knob enables the operator to make perfect on-air movements of pan, tilt, zoom and focus. With up to 12 assignable, LED-illuminated keys, several switch functions are also available.

TR-S High Capacity Flexible Control Panel:

The flexible Type-S is a high capacity remote control panel that expands to support up to 16 camera channels making it ideal for even the largest parliament, legislature, or TV studio systems. New setup facilities enable key features and performance characteristics to be modified from the control panel itself.

Orchestra Legislative & Conference Automation System:

Popular with legislatures as well as conference facilities, the Orchestra Camera Management System (CMS) is a powerful and leading solution for the automation of remote camera control. It will be demonstrated with an integrated live-video touch screen option for the first time at NAB.

TRP-100 Fully Robotic Studio Pedestal:

Shotoku’s compact and powerful TRP-100 fully robotic studio pedestal is ideal for all studio applications including news, sports, and current affairs. The TRP-100 supports any payload up to 220 lbs. (100Kgs) while gliding through 2.5 feet (750mm) of elevation at up to 1 foot (300mm) per second. Its advanced navigation and full manual override exemplify its ability to extend the boundaries of traditional robotic camera control.

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Shotoku Broadcast Systems to Enhance Manual Range

Shotoku Broadcast Systems,international manufacturer of a full line of camera support equipment, is enhancing its manual range with three new products to be launched at NAB 2011. A pneumatic pedestal, perfect counter-balance pan & tilt head, and positional calibration system will all be shown for the first time in Booth C8528.

TP200 2-Stage Pneumatic Pedestal:

Shotoku’s newly developed TP200 2-stage pneumatic pedestal has a maximum payload of 177 lbs. and supports a wide-range of camera configurations. Its innovatively designed column and base offers maximum stability and great operational flexibility. One-step foot brake and single-action cable enables precise movements and control at all times and fast and easy positioning.

SX300 perfect counter-balance Pan & Tilt Head:

The SX300 perfect counter-balance pan & tilt head, designed to support portable cameras with viewfinders and prompters, has a maximum payload of 83.8 lbs. Its robust structure and wide-range of precise balance mechanisms supports a versatile variety of camera configurations. The SX300’s mount can be either flat base or 150mm ball.


SPI-Touch was developed to offer a totally new way of positional calibration for Virtual Studios. Simply designate two different points through SPI-Touch’s viewfinder and press the button at each of the points. The camera position will be instantly calibrated. SPI-Touch eliminates the need to mark the studio floor and move the pedestal making calibration easy and fast.

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Digital Production Buzz – Feb. 24, 2011

Apple Announces Thunderbolt, Tom Dolan, Boris Yamnitsky, Jim Tierney, Todd Weaver, Philip Hodgetts, and Nathalie Spechtmeyer.

HEADLINES: Apple releases new MacBook Pros, and Thunderbolt, new updates from Boris FX, new products from Digital Anarchy, an inside look at the German LOLA telecast, and stunning news from Apple — all this, plus Buzz Shout-outs!, on this week’s show!

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This week’s episode of the world’s only interactive talk radio program covering Digital Production, Post-Production and Distribution is filled with information and entertainment designed for the independent filmmaker or industry professional.

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Join host Larry Jordan and co-host Michael Horton as they talk with:

Tom Dolan, CEO, Routine Filmco

Led by industry tech veterans, Tom Dolan and Andy Schupak, is a highly sophisticated online platform designed to put a wide-variety of films into the hands of people who love them. Every film offered is licensed and cleared for online viewing. This month they premiere the Veverka Brothers new film, “China: The Rebirth of a Nation.”

Boris Yamnitsky, Founder and CEO, Boris FX

Boris FX is always coming up with something interesting. So, this week, we talk with the founder of Boris FX, Boris Yamnitsky. They are branching out from effects into utilities, and we want to learn more about the latest release of Boris AAF Transfer. This program makes it easy to move projects between applications. So, we want to learn how it works, why they created it, and who should add it to their toolkit.

Jim Tierney, President, Digital Anarchy

Jim Tierney, President of Digital Anarchy, has a new product. It isn’t a plug-in, its an iPhone app. And it isn’t about people, its about, ah, whales. Yup. Exploring is a new website geared toward the growing trend in whale watching and photography serving as a centralized resource for information and technology related to the Humpback Whales. His two inaugural products include a new iPhone app and instructional photography DVD series. Jim is using some powerful new technology in his latest effort, and we want to learn more about it this week.

Todd Weaver, CEO, ivi.TV

Todd Weaver, CEO of IVI.TV, just had his business halted by a court-ordered restraining order; however, was this really the right decision? Todd began to stream broadcast television via the Internet; similar to what cable systems do today. His company followed the rules and pays royalties on the programs they carry. However, opponents claimed he was violating copyright laws and that he was not a cable system. While a Federal Judge agreed, this is not the end of their fight. We talk with Todd to learn more.

Philip Hodgetts, CEO, Intelligent Assistance

Apple is making news this week – with new MacBook Pros and an incredible new technology called “Thunderbolt!” Plus, new gossip on the next version of Final Cut Pro. Philip Hodgetts, CEO of Intelligent Assistance, joins us tonight to help us make sense of it all.

Nathalie Spechtmeyer, Editor, Berlinale Awards Show

What is it like, being the only person in the world who knows the winners in advance of a major awards show? Well, Nathalie Spechtmeyer knows, for one. For the last six years, she is the only person with advanced knowledge of the LOLA winners from the German Film Academy. In this interview, we talk with her about how she edits movie clips in preparation for a major TV event. With the Oscars just around the corner here in America, this is a fascinating glimpse into the inner workings of preparing for an awards show.

You can’t find people or interviews like this anywhere else! It’s another fascinating show.
It’s all the information you need now to know what’s coming next!

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Vinten to Launch Its New Vector 75 Head at NAB2011

Vinten, a Vitec Group brand and a maker of camera supports, will showcase its latest innovative new product at this year’s NAB2011 event in Las Vegas on 11-14 April. The new Vector 75 head will debut alongside a collection of Vinten’s camera support solutions.

The Vector 75 offers the same outstanding camera carrying performance as the hugely popular Vector 750, but incorporates the standard LF drag control that helped make its predecessor, the Vector 70, the global industry standard for many years. The design, built upon the skeleton of the original Vector 70, now includes a range of standard features that address the pressures of today’s fast paced and cost conscious production without compromising any aspect of camera control.

The pantographic balance mechanism, unique to the Vinten Vector range, makes adjustment simple and eliminates the need for time consuming cam changes when altering the camera configuration. This counterbalance mechanism, combined with the Vinten standard LF drag system, provides the ultimate in smooth, precise quality of movement. Prototype trials for the Vector 75 will begin in March and the product will be released in June 2011.

Alongside the Vector 75 will be an extensive selection of Vinten’s popular heads, tripods and pedestals displayed on a variety of different rigs. The range will include the award winning, competitively priced, Vision blue pan and tilt head and tripod system, and the Vision AS range of lightweight pan and tilt heads.

Vinten will partner with Vizrt in a product demonstration on the NAB exhibition floor. There will be an outside broadcast rig set up with the recently launched Vector 430 compact pan and tilt head, and the Vector 750i encoded pantographic head.

The Vector 430 received two accolades when it made its debut at last year’s IBC2010 and it has recently been selected by Ravensbourne in the UK as part of the kit for its new state-of-the-art campus in South East London. The Vector 750i, which was developed in collaboration with leading global customers, is the encoded version of the popular Vector 750 and is designed for unsurpassed precision in virtual reality environments, for both outside broadcast and studio applications.

The broad range of Vinten products will be on display in booth C6028 in the Central Hall at NAB2011.

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SmartSound Announces New Plug-in for Pinnacle Studio v15 and Avid Studio

SmartSound has a new music plug-in for Pinnacle Studio v15 and Avid Studio. It integrates Sonicfire Pro 5.6 with the video timeline to quickly find and customize music.

Customize music inside Studio:

  • Access each song at any length with a perfect musical beginning, middle and ending.
  • Select from a list of multiple different musical arrangements for the same song.
  • Instantly edit the music length with a simple drag and drop inside Studio timeline.

Sonicfire Pro and Studio working together:

When users find and customize music in Sonicfire Pro, the plug-in connects them directly to Studio so they can just “Send” music into a project. Need to make a change? Simply drag and drop the music right into the Studio timeline to change the length and SmartSound will render an updated version of the song to fit the new length.

Enjoy all the latest features:

  • Supports SmartSound’s popular Multi-Layer music with control of each instrument track.
  • Create uniquely fit royalty free soundtracks.
  • Supports all old and new SmartSound soundtracks.

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