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SmartSound Announces New Plug-in for Pinnacle Studio v15 and Avid Studio

SmartSound has a new music plug-in for Pinnacle Studio v15 and Avid Studio. It integrates Sonicfire Pro 5.6 with the video timeline to quickly find and customize music.

Customize music inside Studio:

  • Access each song at any length with a perfect musical beginning, middle and ending.
  • Select from a list of multiple different musical arrangements for the same song.
  • Instantly edit the music length with a simple drag and drop inside Studio timeline.

Sonicfire Pro and Studio working together:

When users find and customize music in Sonicfire Pro, the plug-in connects them directly to Studio so they can just “Send” music into a project. Need to make a change? Simply drag and drop the music right into the Studio timeline to change the length and SmartSound will render an updated version of the song to fit the new length.

Enjoy all the latest features:

  • Supports SmartSound’s popular Multi-Layer music with control of each instrument track.
  • Create uniquely fit royalty free soundtracks.
  • Supports all old and new SmartSound soundtracks.

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