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Digital Anarchy Announces of Primatte 5.0

Digital Anarchy announced that Primatte 5.0, their chromakey software, is almost here. It’s taken so long that they weren’t satisfied with calling it Primatte 4.0… nope, 4.0 wasn’t good enough… so now it’s 5.0! They also considered using roman numerals like the SuperBowl or perhaps some random letters instead of a version number, like ‘CS’… but all that has been done, so a good prime number like 5 was deemed worthy.

Digital Anarchy is finally getting to the point where they have a beta of Primatte 5.0. It’s still a little rough, but they’re really excited about the new AutoMask function. They’re getting great results out of it and think it’s about time someone in the real world tested it.

They decided to skip 4.0 to bring the version number of Primatte Photoshop inline with the video versions of Primatte.

Those that purchased 3.5 and were promised a free upgrade to 4.0, will now be getting a free upgrade to 5.0.

Users that have 3.5 and would like to play around with the new version, drop an email

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